k pop icon g-dragon drops limited edition capsule collection

Kwon Ji-yong, aka G-Dragon, aka Korea’s biggest pop star, announces the next instalment of his Peaceminusone project.

by Felix Petty
03 October 2016, 10:52pm


G-Dragon has been Korea's biggest pop star for 10 years now, after rising to fame as one fifth of K Pop boyband Big Bang in 2006, and he's often cited as the most influential Korean entertainer. Beyond Big Bang, he's expanded his operations into a solo career, which has been just as lucrative and era-defining, but he's also known as one of the leaders of Korea's fashion scene, and is a fixture on the front rows of fashion weeks the world over.In recent years, G Dragon has branched out beyond the world of music; in 2015, under the name Peaceminusone, he curated an exhibition at Seoul Museum of Art, collaborating with 11 Korean and international artists and architects on a multi-media exhibition. Peaceminusone refers to G-Dragon's hope in peace, the minus one a reference to the reality of the world we live in; he's described it as a project that turns "everything imaginary into reality".

The second phase of the Peaceminusone project has now launched: a conceptual capsule collection of a baseball cap and a bulldog clip, created by G-Dragon and GeeEun, his longtime collaborator and stylist. If you're wondering why it's such a limited release, well there are more products set to drop throughout the rest of October. And a drop of images reveals it's likely to include more traditional fare like tops and trousers. The bulldog clip will probably sell out though, because it's G-Dragon.

"It's however I'm seen or whatever I'm using or wearing at any time of the day," he explained in a statement. "Peaceminusone is me. I wanted to create a style that reminds people of me, whatever it is they are looking at."



Text Felix Petty