huntly are bringing “radical vulnerability” to the dance floor

Ahead of the release of the new 7” the band offers i-D their hearts, souls and a sneak listen.

by i-D Staff
21 November 2016, 12:20am

A lot of artists pour themselves into their work, but even among an emotional lot, Huntly stand out. Self described as "three best friends making doof you can cry to" their pop tinged R&B is unapologetically emotional. Over the past year they've collected a dedicated following who flock to their famously intense live shows with the dedication of lovers. It is impossible to witness Elspeth, Charlie and Andrew giving so much and not feel a tinge of connection.

Ahead of the release of their new 7" Please, which follows their May EP Feel Better of Stop Trying, we leaned into the feelings, with a preview listen and a lot of heart. Here's everything you need to know about the band.

They're committed to dance floor therapy.
"Making doof you can cry to is actually a really important pursuit and an age-old practice we have humbly accepted to continue. Dancing isn't all fun and abandon. Dancing can often be about a cathartic release. The dance-floor is often falsely seen as a neutral mono-emotional space when really it's not. It can be for crying too. Just please be careful! take caution ! don't slip on any tears."

And are all about "radical vulnerability".
"My motto is to embrace vulnerability. It's radical because it's giving the ups to a society that teaches us that emotions are a sign of weakness. Dance, cry, be a mess. This world is hard."

They don't hold back.
"Nothing is too personal for Huntly."

But look after themselves after especially emotionally taxing shows.
"Elspeth generally sits in a dark, quiet spot after shows when things are too much. Charl performs a self deprecating monologue to himself in the mirror. Ando sinks a few bevos."

Their favourite show ever was their EP launch this year.
"We had the best crowd up the front — our biggest fan/friend Nevo brought a bunch of mates and it was a big spectacular group from the queer community. By the end everyone up front had their shirts off, dancing, yelling the lyrics, and we all burst into tears and handed out roses to everyone."

They make people listen with bangers.
"Sometimes when you really want someone to hear you, and hear your voice, you've got no choice but to make a banger. A big banger. Sometimes pop music is the only way. The best way. I want you to hear my voice Fox 101.9 FM. I think music reaches far further than most other things you could do. Thank god we have our soul to sell it."

How they're making the world better in 2017.
"Be aware of the power structures that exclude people from being involved in the industry and do whatever you can to destroy them…One specific action we could all do in 2017 is find, listen to and support music being made by Indigenous artists. Listen to what they're saying, book them for big shows. Book them over anyone else."

Next on the agenda is….
"I guess to take over the world or take down the system or at least have someone make a neat polyphonic ringtone version of one of our songs."

But the end goal remains.
"I want Huntly's music to connect with people who feel as much as I do."



Image by Briana Davis

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