those $4 supreme tees are now turning up all over america

From California to Oklahoma, kids are raiding their local Kmart and flipping the tees for profit already.

by Isabelle Hellyer
02 August 2017, 8:10am

image via @Half_Wasted/Twitter

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On Monday, we shared the story of a very lucky Redditor who discovered a handful of Supreme blanks in his local Idaho Kmart. As it turns out, the serendipitous haul wasn't an isolated incident. Hundreds, if not thousands, of the blank tees are turning up in Kmarts all over the country, in all manner of colours and sizes.

One Redditor searched his local store and found two forrest green blanks, a pretty modest buy compared to what some shoppers are bragging about on Twitter. "Just copped 76 supreme tees for $214. Lol" one tweeted from a small Oklahoma city — more than 2,000 kilometres away from the nearest Supreme store proper.  

Unsurprisingly, a lot of kids are already flipping the $4 tees, and there's no shortage of interested buyers. "Got 50. Anyone interested? DM me" one budding entrepreneur tweeted. "36 tees, dm me," another wrote. So far, the Supreme T-shirts have turned up in California, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah and Virginia — with more being unearthed every day. 

For those wondering how this streetwear miracle happened without divine intervention, it's actually fairly simple. Supreme has never given away where it sources its blank tees from, but fans have long hypothesised American Apparel are a key supplier. When the ill-fated LA company folded earlier this year, it's likely that their remaining stock didn't ship to Supreme for screen-printing as intended, and instead was auctioned off as a bulk liquidation lot — with Kmart being the buyer. God bless 'em. 

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Image via @Half_Wasted/Twitter

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