alexander wang on rocco ritchie, street style, and the power of youth culture

Fresh from the third and final drop of his brand new collection for Adidas, the creative genius shares a few pearls of wisdom.

by Tish Weinstock
13 April 2017, 1:25pm

They say the best things come in twos, but they didn't know about adidas Originals by Alexander Wang. The collaborators' third and final drop arrived in stores yesterday. Shot by the legendary Juergen Teller in the streets of New York, the collection's accompanying imagery stars a cast of the coolest kids around — including Luke Storey, Binx Walton, Lexi Boling, the much-hyped Rocco Ritchie, and many more. While the pics were unveiled at the end of last month, Part III hasn't been available until now. To celebrate, we caught with the creative genius himself, Mr. Alexander Wang.

Tell us a bit about the collaboration.
Everything about the collection — from its design, to the way it is communicated — stems from the idea of flipping brand conventions on the head. I felt that the most interesting and disruptive approach to the collaboration was to incorporate the heritage of an iconic brand like Adidas, by overturning commonly accepted rules and traditions of iconography and branding.

What was the inspiration?
I'm really intrigued by the culture of reselling, the values of youth culture, and the perception of what's authentic and what's fake. This is why I incorporated the NDA into the design of the first drop, as a print on T-shirts and sweatshirts. This also alluded to the way that the product was first made available out of the back of trucks in Manhattan, Brooklyn, London, and Tokyo.

How does it differ from the past two drops?
There is definitely a new culture surrounding the release of products in drops. We have also been launching a few select products of our own brand in this way. Especially when it comes to streetwear, when products are launched in drops, the buzz and excitement starts to build in an organic way, initially amongst first adopters, and then trickles down.

What was it like working with new kid on the block, Rocco Richie? How does he embody the essence of adidas Originals by Alexander Wang?
Our brand celebrates youth culture, and I think that Rocco really exemplifies that. Plus, he has an incredible sense of style and wears adidas Originals already all the time, so it felt like a natural fit.


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