who is the i-D team most excited to see at london fashion week: men's?

Fear not: our favorite London designers have been working away over the festive period to come up with their most inspired collections yet. So, who are we most excited about?

by i-D Staff
06 January 2017, 3:35pm

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"Liam Hodges, Nasir Mazhar, and Astrid Andersen." Hattie Collins, Features Director

"After a stellar showing last season — which explored the intersection of 90s grime and 70s punk — I am waiting with baited breath for what Joe and Charlie-Casely Hayford do this season. Especially given that last time, they slotted female models into the mix. Fingers crossed they do the same again; that way I get to enjoy the menswear and do a little shopping pour moi. Parfait!" Lynette Nylander, Deputy Editor

"Rottingdean Bazaar. Watch this space." Max Clark, Fashion Editor

"The return of Martine Rose to the catwalk. Her creativity and vision have been sorely missed during her years off the schedule. In a season that feels void of surprises, Martine's re-emergence is sorely needed." Felix Petty, Assistant Editor

"Having just opened all my invites, I'm looking forward to peeking through cut-out holes to the future of menswear at Craig Green, seizing opportunity from glitchy digital chaos at Liam Hodges, channeling my inner manchild at MAN, and filling my socks with pebbles at the Fashion East Men's Presentation." Charlotte Gush, News Editor

"Rottingdean Bazaar for being the complete antithesis of boring. Joyful, spontaneous, completely normal, and completely abnormal all at the same time. Into the idea that it's a bazaar, not a label, too." Matthew Whitehouse, Editorial Assistant

"Grace Wales Bonner, because she doesn't just make great clothes, she tells important stories. Plus, last season she teamed up with Kelsey Lu on the show soundtrack and I'm confident that she'll do something just as perfect this time." Frankie Dunn, Assistant Music Editor

"Art School; they're too for school." Tish Weinstock, Staff Writer

"This season I'm looking forward to the Fashion East gang, and as always, the MAN show for the fearless and unabashed energies to showcase their talents. I think Rottendean Bazaar is just what the fashion industry needs right now — a reminder to not take itself too seriously. The hot ticket is also Kiko Kostadinov — incredibly cool and intelligent!" Bojana Kozarovic, Fashion Assistant.

"Wales Bonner has definitely been a menswear highlight for me recently so I'm always looking forward to seeing what she does next!" Ryan White, Content Manager

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