i-DJ: bok bok

A Friday mix of old favourites and unreleased Night Slugs dubs from the brilliantly grimy London producer.

by Frankie Dunn
19 July 2017, 1:57am

Bok Bok has a good CV. Producer, DJ, co-founder of south London label Night Slugs, pioneer of post-dubstep post-grime cold-house. He's produced for the likes of Kelela and collaborated with people like Flirta D; putting out impressive tune after impressive tune, both his own and from Jacques Greene, Jam City, Egyptrixx, Kingdom, Ikonika, co-owner L-Vis 1990... Firmly focussed on grime for his very recent, very raw Salvage 2017 EP, Bok Bok crafted a mini masterpiece with a sprinkle of dog barks and a whole lot of greatness.

Lucky for us (and you) Bok Bok has made us what he referred to just now as, "a mix of old and new music at 140bpm that's been influencing me. The oldest tracks on here are from 2002 and the newest are as yet unreleased, including some forthcoming NS dubs and some of my own productions." Don't panic, the sirens are in the mix, not an IRL fire alarm as we may or may not have thought when we stuck it on the stereo at i-D HQ earlier. Enjoy!


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Englesia

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