skepta just designed the tracksuit of our time

We were at the Moroccan-themed launch of the grime king’s clothing line Mains on Tuesday. It ruled.

by Frankie Dunn
29 June 2017, 1:55pm

Skepta brought Marrakech to London on Tuesday night. Sure, we might have been in the basement of Selfridges, but it certainly looked and felt like a balmy night deep in the souks. Anyone who is anyone was there, eyeing up the collection out on the market stalls while sipping fresh mint tea poured from silly heights, nibbling on sweet baklava and getting wavy on cocktails thanks to Captain Morgan. The soundtrack? None other than ultimate wedding singer Omar Souleymann.

"I wanted to make a tracksuit that you can feel royal in," Skepta told us in a slightly less-loud corner, as his brother JME danced around us, "hence the embroidery." The embroidery he's referring to, the plaited detailing down the seams makes a feature out of the ordinary, just as Mains makes a feature out what was once ordinary, the tracksuit. Available in black and olive, the capsule collection is small but perfectly formed, with a strikingly designed unisex tracksuit and a handful of simple T-shirts; a uniform for 2017 life. "I did so much in a tracksuit and I wanted people to feel just as entitled as anyone else wearing one," he continues. "It's the tracksuit of our time, I believe."

While he doesn't remember his very first tracksuit (ours was a fake Adidas black and orange two-piece with poppers from Lincoln market) he's been in Nike tracksuits for most of his life. "Literally for as long as I can remember. I love them." Out of everyone in the world, we wonder, who would Skepta most like to see wearing Mains? "Martin Scorsese. It's a very classic tracksuit for workwear… definitely Martin." 

Mains is available from Selfridges.


Text Frankie Dunn
Photography Vicky Grout

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