exploring ukraine's underground rave revolution

The 2014 revolution brought Kiev nightlife to a complete standstill. As protests turned into riots, and government security forces opened fire on protestors, the country fell into crisis. But out of the ashes of revolution has risen a new generation...

by i-D Staff
31 May 2016, 4:55pm


Director Tom Ivin
Producer Kate Villevoye
Local Fixer Lyuba Knorozok
Director of Photography Jack Reynolds
Sound Denys Ryskal, Andrii Vaskovski, Viktor Savin
Lighting Stanislav Bezpechnyi
Production Assistant Andrii Bezliudnyi
Editor Paul Frankl, Rebecca Gin
Colourist Oisín O'Driscoll at The Mill
Sound Mix Guy Chase
Narrator Leala-Rain Shonaiya
Script Clive Martin, Matthew Whitehouse
Translations Yelena Kensborn
Voin Uruwu - Hunters and Gatherers
Stanislav Tolkachev - Sometimes Everything Is Wrong
Lollibou - Crimson Tune
Wulffius - In the Pines' Crowns (Wicked Bass Records 2016)
Stanislav Tolkachev - Right Angle
Voin Oruwu - A-mplification
Archive courtesy of
Vice News, Slava Lepsheev, Unkle Dee, Aleksey Olin
Global Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga
Supervising Producer Eloise King
Production Manager Lauran Clark
Production Assistant Lily Rose Thomas
Assistant Producer Stephen Isaac-Wilson
Post Production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa
Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
Talent Producer Declan Higgins
Head of Production Bree Horn
Head of Post Production Daniel Elias
Post Production Administrator Laura Davidson
Special Thanks
Slava Lepsheev, Dima Kovalyov, iZone, Anastasiia Fedorova

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