​peter pilotto discuss internships, social media and designing for different sizes

The London-based label spoke as part of the London Fashion Week Talk Series.

by i-D Staff
25 September 2015, 6:23am

Peter Pilotto and his business partner Christopher de Vos spoke about their brand with fashion stylist Elizabeth Saltzman as part of the London Fashion Week Talk Series.

"You have to be up for the 18 hour days," de Vos advised up and coming designers, as well as extolling the virtues of internships and work experience. "We came from such a creative school," he explains, "it would have been good to have some business experience… internships in general are a good thing, maybe one in a small company, and one in a very big house".

The duo also discussed the importance of social media, explaining that, as catwalk shows are so short, social media can be a better way of showing the full vision of the brand; and they answer a question from the floor about designing clothes for "people who don't look like models". Watch all the highlights in the film above.

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