pc music have infiltrated corporate america

SOPHIE just soundtracked a McDonalds commercial.

by Isabelle Hellyer
09 July 2015, 9:55am

When record label PC Music first released their brand of fairy-floss fuelled EDM in 2014, everyone thought it was some kind of art-school joke. As the label expanded and kept on earnestly pushing their energy drink - said to enhance "upward shine, vertical connectivity and personal growth" - it began to seem less and less like an ironic jab at consumerism. PC Music weren't making fun of anyone: it was for real.

If corporate growth is PC Music's goal, signee SOPHIE just scored big time. Despite the name, SOPHIE is a dude, and his track LEMONADE soundtracks McDonalds latest ad for "Real Lemonade" - as opposed to whatever impostor they'd previously purveyed. 

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