​i wanna find the very best… pokémon references in music

Who would've thought there were so many innuendos you could make about Pokémon?

by Francesca Dunn
14 September 2015, 2:14pm

There's been a lot of Pokémon action online this week and we're certainly not complaining. First came JME's tribute, followed by the release of the epic trailer for Pokémon Go, the iOS and android alternate reality game that promises to have you running through Times Square with strangers, celebrating the win of a battle that presumably isn't actually happening in the air above you. Technicalities aside, all this got us thinking… there must be more pokéreferences that slipped by unnoticed, right? Because who in their mind didn't like Pokémon? I may or may not have become cool by association in primary school because my little brother got a shiny Charizard in his first ever packet of cards. Cheers bro! Anyway, feeling Chansey, I travelled across the land, searching far and wide (Reddit, mostly) for some Swellow Pokemon references.

JME, The Very Best
Man's got Japanese and Chinese, don't try to tell him about shinies - this is the magic that prompted the teleport down memory lane. Dressed in his finest Ash Ketchum outfit, cartoon JME knows what he's talking about with a whole track worth of pokébars and we're obsessed. Quickly, someone chuck a potion card this way because my HP is fast depleting and I just might faint through pure nostalgic joy.

Snoop Lion, Get Away ft. Angela Hunte (prod. Major Lazer)
Having previously rapped about Gran Turismo 3 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ($$$$$), Snoop Dogg evolved into Snoop Lion and immediately took to this Major Lazer collab to proclaim his desire to get away to a place he loves. Judging by the accompanying animation I can only imagine that place is Pokémon World. Watch as a little cartoon Snoop runs around resisting the long grass and battling with Lazer before combining powers, withstanding the immense bass and ensuring that good champions evil in the end.

Vince Staples, Queenzbridge Zoo
"I pack a right hook only Robin Givens knew, knock him out, paramedics had to use the Pikachu." Back in 2011, age just 18, California's Vince Staples name-checks poor Mike Tyson's ex-wife before insinuating paramedics used a Pikachu instead of a defibrillator to electrify somebody's heart back into rhythm. Would it work? Only one way to find out.

Azealia Banks, Bitch Is Ill
It's everyone's best mate Pika back with his adorable face and his shocking ways. This time, a 16-year-old Azealia Banks spits about how she "gave head for a week or two, went so hard he was shocked like a Pikachu". Again, only one way to find out…

Kreayshawn, Hoes On My Dick
Yes! I was hoping there'd be a good old-fashioned water Pokémon innuendo. Back before she was a vlogging momma, one-time i-D cover star Kreayshawn told us she had "hoes on my dick cause I'm a ninja turtle, hoes on my dick cause I get em wet like Squirtle." There are a lot of sexy Pokémon.... Lickitung? Cubone? Slowpoke anyone?

Yung Lean, Hurt
A perfect pairing, Yung Lean is a big fan of Pokémon, shouting out the dream pets in multiple tracks. Accompanied by a video littered with fire energy cards and a rotating Mewtwo, Hurt has lyrics like, "bitch I light up the sky, call me Charmeleon. Life's on the line, ain't Charmander but I'm nearly on… drugs". With Emails paying tribute to his "empire of emotions, my Pokémon lotions".

LE1F, Yup
Taken from his debut album, Dark York, New York rapper LE1F aka Khalif Diouf's Yup name-drops my favourite Pokémon in the second line. "I'm Jigglypuff with it, I suggest you do not sleep", he says of the deceptively adorable monster, known for putting its enemies to sleep with a soothing lullaby. zzZZZZZ Snorrrrrlax.

Young Thug, Picacho
In this piece of poetic magic, Young Thug steps things up a notch by rhyming Pikachu with 'peek at you'. His diamonds, fyi, say Pikachu. He's a boss, walks through the club and peeks at you. Lovely.

Die Antwoord, directed by Harmony Korine
Directed by Harmony Korine (who else?) this short is emotional, amazing and fucked up all at once. Starring Ninja in a Pikachu costume and Yo-landi as a pink Care Bear, the duo get holographic rims for their wheelchairs in order to become the ultimate gangstas and ensure people take them seriously. Pass me my machine gun, Pikachu!

Ryan Hemsworth, COOL DJ MIX
Though you should totally listen to the whole of this 2014 mix because it's amazing, skip to 14 minutes 25 seconds for a feature from Hemmy's #1 pokéfriend, Jigglypuff. "I like Jigglypuff cause she's sassy," Ryan told i-D last year, "and whenever she sings she puts people to sleep and then gets mad that people are asleep so she writes on their faces."

Robb Bank$, Big Pimpin
Robb Bank$ knows that Professor Samuel Oak is always stationed in his research lab in Pallet Town, just waiting by his computer with all the advice you will ever need. "You can play my songs and get high to my monotone in the Pokémon centre," he proposes, "Skyping hoes like they Professor Oak." I mean, it's a tempting offer…

Chris Webby, Mad Bars
With fans including Danny Brown and Andrew W.K, the Connecticut rapper has "two Pokéballs hanging, spit flames like Charmander and I got your chick wetter than a Blastoise. She said I'm sexy and she love my raspy-ass voice." Nice.

Honourable mentions to Pokémasters Gengahr who named themselves after their favourite purple ghost. Same to Abra. Also to bars from JME's Game (he can't get enough) on which he's "smiling ear to ear, revving hard, like he's just got a Dark Charizard" before claiming, "got bare XP, me and my Gs outlive bare MCs". Also this. And this this early shot of Deadmaus.

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