​2, 4, 6, 8… we appreciate huntar

Get to know Huntar, and delve into his world of twisted R&B, from his fave YouTube videos to what he'd do as world leader.

by i-D Team
12 March 2015, 9:20am

21 year-old South Londoner Huntar is the twisted pop/R&B producer and vocalist whose recently released Bittar Mixtape proves that skill and creativity is definitely not something he's lacking in. With a cast of producers including FTSE, Jay Prince, Eagles For Hands and Youngs Teflon (a list of talent that you should already have on your eyes on), the five-track mixtape has already received praise from the likes of (ex) Radio 1 big dog Zane Lowe. All things considered, we thought it was about time we got to know him a little more as we treat you to an exclusive track from his forthcoming EP dropping 4th May, that was given its first play last night with BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac. 2, 4, 6, 8, we appreciate… Huntar!

2 things Huntar is BITTAR about
1. Steven Gerrard's choice of footwear against Chelsea last year.
2. That I didn't write Mario, Let Me Love You

4 greatest YouTube videos of all time.
1. This high James Brown interview.
2. Timbaland Playing Jay Z this beat for the first time.
4. The crazy hot scale.

6 things that Huntar would change about the world if he was world leader.
1. Should probably say world peace, right?
2. Ask for the information on Area 51 and UFOs, that fascinates me.
3. Play a round of golf with Obama.
4. Take Rihanna for a mini break at least once a month
5. Stretch pancake day to pancake week.
6. Appoint Quincy Jones as world leader .

8 fun facts about yourself
1. Can't pronounce the word Vietnamese.
2. I have two flat mates from Vietnam.
3. Justin Timberlake on the Justified tour was my first gig. I was about 10. It blew my mind.
4. My first album was the Batman 1989 Soundtrack by Prince. I was 9. Best ever.
5. I hate mushrooms. 
6. Very big fan of Liverpool football club. 
7. Named "Most likely to be the next Milky Bar Kid" in my school year book. 
8. Was given last years "best song of 2014 to make babies to" for Naked Noises.

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