​tune in at midnight for the second episode of street, sound and style

Get down with the Soul Boys and high with the Acid House ravers in episode 2 of i-D’s Channel 4 series Street, Sound and Style, at midnight tonight.

by i-D Staff
20 May 2015, 1:35pm

Street, Sound and Style is our first ever TV series, exploring the exact topic i-D was founded on - British subcultures. Airing on Channel 4, last week we looked at the new breed of mod and skinhead, the return of the rudeboy and the merging of black and white cultures in 2-Tone ska bands. In episode 2, The Perfect Kiss, we unpack the evolution of style in the mid-80s when Britain was in the midst of Thatcher's consumerist daydream. The rude boys and mods were on the way out, and the working class youth were in search of a scene that reflected their carefree, aspirational attitude. Enter the soul boys and girls, who fell in love with the glamorous and optimistic sounds of American funk and soul. Next came the Casuals. They were a group of designer-obsessed, football fans who loved the game when Britain had the best teams in the world, and paraded their luxury sportswear at matches.

But a new scene started to emerge as Britain's sound systems were taken over with New York and Chicago's hip hop and house beats, giving birth to the rave scene. This saw the B-Boys bringing dance culture back to the club and was the time when a group of young soulies travelled to Ibiza for a season's holiday, rubbed shoulders with fashion models, transsexuals and ex-casuals in Amnesia, got high on ecstasy and decided to bring the euphoric San Antonio spirit back to South London, creating the birth of the ccid house era, where everyone would hold hands in a club called Shoom, and sing along to The Beatles' All You Need Is Love.

Turn on, tune in, drop out at midnight tonight on Channel 4.


Photography Paul McKee

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