building a skate park out of frozen sand on norway's hidden beaches

Is this the most unconventional skate project of all time?

by i-D Staff
24 May 2016, 2:50am

On the coldest days of the year, the sands of Norway's Lofoten Islands feel just like concrete. Jørn Nyseth Ranu discovered this when he stepped on the shore after surfing the coast. Almost instantly, it gave him an idea. He built a few ramps with the sand and returned with his skateboard. He found he could skate the usually shifting surface — and skate it well. And so, the idea for Northbound was born. 

The ten minute long film ended up screening at Tribeca, which still baffles Jørn. Speaking to The Creator's Project he reflects Northbound is something "between a short film, documentary, and skateboard film." It sees Norway's best skaters head to the Islands, where rails are replaced with ramps of sand frozen at -10°C. In one frantic week of shooting Jørn and his team constructed makeshift parks along the coast, during what they later learnt was the coldest week of the year. 

The film is still doing the festival circuit: the Tribeca Jury praised it for "transporting the viewer into a meditative mindset. The playful poetry of the skaters in the film provides us with an artful and timeless experience." Let these stills from Northbound transport you to Norway's most isolated shores. 


Photography Łukasz Zamaro