maison margiela made shampoo hair a thing at its artisanal show

Never feel bad about running out of the house with half-washed hair again.

by Georgie Wright
06 July 2017, 10:00pm

Image via Instagram

Couture Week in Paris just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. It doesn't even have to be 100% certified couture anymore, with ready-to-wear and a few pre-collections making up the schedule. Still though, couture week will always be the week of fancy clothes and fancier parties, and hours spent prepping models to swan down the runway in extravagant gowns.

Not that this has always been the case at Maison Margiela's Artisanal shows. The Belgian designer was always one for reimagining and rebuilding; tearing clothes apart at the seams and stitching them back together in magical new ways. John Galliano's kept the flame of dramatic invention burning since taking over as Creative Director of the house in 2014.

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His latest deconstruction of fashion's formidable couture codes? Well, working with iconic hair stylist Eugene Souleiman, Galliano sent models down the runway with shampoo still in their hair. Yes, that's right, this morning Maison Margiela paraded their models down a runway that resembled the show's backstage beauty area, with shampoo in their hair. Shampoo that everyone knows you lather, rinse, and repeat with. And according to Margiela, you now skip the rinse step too. Lather is the only step that matters. 

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