2,4,6,8... we appreciate yellow fang

Meet the 'supa dupa fly' all girl Thai band equal parts My Bloody Valentine, Electrelane and Destiny's Child.

by Courtney DeWitt
18 August 2015, 6:15am

In their native Bangkok all-girl trio, Yellow Fang, are kind of a big deal. Comprised of guitarist/ vocalist Pimporn 'Pang' Metchanun, bassist Piyamas 'Pym' Muenprasartdee and drummer/vocalist Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, Yellow Fang are the band you wanted to grow up to be: riotgrrrl fiery, Spice Girls syrupy and 90s, shoegaze obsessed.

While the trio formed years ago they only released their debut record, The Greatest, last year, a tongue-in-cheek title acknowledging how long their debut album has been in the making. While the majority of Yellow Fang lyrics are in their native Thai, the band have hit on the rare ability to transcend the language barrier with raw feeling, atmosphere and catchy hooks. As they grow in popularity outside of the Kingdom - recently playing at Japan's Summer Sonic festival, i-D gets the 411 on the next major South East Asian export:

2 people Yellow Fang has recently recorded with: 
1. We have recorded with artist Gene Mahasamhut (Little Fox), we composed and recorded our latest song with him called, Doosilong
2. Erlend Øye from Kings of Convenience produced and recorded our track, Selfish.

4 musicians that have influenced Yellow Fang's sound:
1. Joy Division 
2. Nirvana 
3. Electrelane
4. The White Stripes

6 style lessons learned from Yellow Fang's sound and style idol/s:
1. We would like to try to keep things simple with the music but deliver with intent like Nirvana. Their intensity, of course is unmatched, but it is something that we aspire to, every time we play.
2. We would like to be as honest and as raw as The White stripes.
3. We would like to sound as hypnotic as Electrelane.
4. We still would like to be as sassy as the early years of the Sugababes.
5. Fashion wise, all three of us have very different taste but we have common ground in keeping our look casual but fun.
6. Right now we are all into sports shoes, they're best for playing and carrying a guitar or bass, an hour on heels can be a painful. Trainers are our go to for music festivals and to wear out dancing.

L-R: Piyamas 'Pym' Muenprasartdee, Praewa Chirapravati Na Ayudhya, Pimporn 'Pang' Metchanun.

8 things you should know about Yellow Fang and their native Bangkok:
1. We are an independent band, we never signed with any label. We kept our day jobs and fund the recordings by selling our merch like t-shirts and tote bags at music festivals and on our Facebook page. Eight years later after forming Yellow Fang we are surprised and very appreciative how things are going for us.
2. Apart from working fulltime as a fashion buyer for a retail store, Pang always has projects on the side. She organises music events called, 'Have you Heard?', bringing international bands, like Mac Demarco, Beach Fossils and Unknown Mortal Orchestra through Bangkok...oh and Pang's musical idol is Michael Jackson.
3. Praewa is a drummer, singer, body painter and DJ. 'Wib Wab Wub' is her pop-up business that designs and applies glitter tattoos for special events. It's beautiful body art that is now super popular at music festivals and parties in Bangkok. Praewa also organises DJ parties called, 'Pacific Pineapple Juice' and sings for commercials jingles from time to time.
4. Pym teaches resin jewellery making and just started a studio to teach silversmithing called 'Smitheries' located in Thonglor, Bangkok. Pym also creates bespoke jewellery and objects for special clients.
5. We all met during university, went to the same faculty and same major. Pang and Pym were in the same year, Praewa is three years younger.
6. We love music of all types, pop, rock, hiphop, jazz, r&b, blues...but pop was very informative. Praewa grew up listening to the Spice Girls, most of our vocal harmony is made up as a result of learning all Spice Girls harmony lines.
7. We don't like hanging out at loud parties and in pubs, we prefer a stroll through flea markets and eating in local restaurants or hosting our own house party, mainly because we are quite picky with music. We go to bars that are owned by friends, where there is music quality control, like Dark Bar in Thonglor.
8. We're quite into healthy food at the moment, we have conversations about cold pressed juices, try out Praewa's veg/fruit juice mix, share recipes on different ways to prepare avocado, and argue if it's bad or not to have more than two avocados a day....honestly, we can be quite a boring bunch!



Text Courtney DeWitt
Photography Yellow Fang
Clothing Korakrit Arunanondchai

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