​irvine welsh is writing a tv series about the notorious gio-goi brothers

Having moved from the terraces to the clubs and onto the catwalk, the founders of the Manchester streetwear brand are now headed for the small screen.

by Charlotte Gush
18 June 2015, 12:25am

Photography Chris Floyd

Brothers Anthony and Christopher Donnelly have been embedded for decades in the scenes surrounding Manchester's two greatest loves: football and clubbing. Having worked as touts outside Old Trafford and Maine Road, they 'immersed' themselves in the clubbing scene (stories of drugs, guns and gangs abound) and founded street/clubwear brand Gio-Goi in 1987. From hawking their wares at the Haçienda to inking a design deal with Pete Doherty and raking in 40m a year at their zenith, the boys from Wythenshawe did good, until the business came crashing around their ears and the Donnelly family found themselves serving prison sentences for gang and drug related crimes.

They told their own wild tale (with some meticulous editing by their lawyers) in their 2013 book Still Breathing - subtitle "From Organised Crime to Kings of Fashion" - but now the brothers' history is getting a small screen retelling, penned by master of filth and violence Irvine Welsh. Along with long-time collaborator Dean Cavanagh, Welsh is writing the screenplay for the 6-part TV series entitled Too Much Rock 'N' Roll.

"We've been offered many true life stories over the years but what attracts us to this story in particular is the fact that Anthony and Christopher are unbeatable, they won't take no for answer, and we're going to capture that spirit," Welsh and Cavanagh say, adding that, "It's something we relate to having spent decades working in the business that is 'show' and all the attendant bullshit that comes with it. Anthony and Christopher are stand up lads and so are we. Hopefully this is the start of a long and creative partnership."


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography Chris Floyd

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