roundel london is sponsoring a grime night at the ace hotel tonight

Photographer Vicky Grout shot members of The Square, Alia Loren and Jack Dat in Lewisham before tonight’s event.

by i-D Staff
04 December 2015, 12:50pm

Roundel London, the brand that's made its name supporting British youth culture and working with young musicians, is sponsoring REP at Miranda's Ace Hotel London Shoreditch tonight. We got photographer Vicky Grout to shoot some of tonight's artists; The Square's Elf Kid, Deecee, Blakie and Streema, and DJs Alia Loren and Jack Dat of Radar Radio, pre-event. "What better brand to collaborate with London's new generation grime scene than Roundel London, a brand specifically for the youth and inspired by the city of London and its subcultures," Vicky told us of the collaboration. The 19-year-old Londoner is no stranger to photographing musicians and headed south of the river to capture the grime MC's in their own neighbourhoods; "I wanted to create something raw and relatable, so I planned on shooting the young MC's somewhere they felt comfortable to just do their thing. We travelled to Lewisham where most of the guys are from, and took it from there. We went on a mini-tour of SE as the guys spat bars, buss joke and even ended up doing a mini cypher. Energy levels were high as Jack Dat 'spun' beats off his iPhone while everyone did a quick 16 (and gun fingers)."

You can get tickets to REP here.

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