Photography Minerva Hernández

meet the next generation of mexican designers

From power and submission to noise and silence, Monterrey's fashion design students sent a fury of diverse looks down the runway.

by i-D Mexico
12 December 2018, 5:49pm

Photography Minerva Hernández

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At the end of November, Monterrey's School of Design, aka CEDIM, presented the work of its seventh semester Fashion Design students with a catwalk titled INFRARROJO (infrared in Spanish).

"INFRARROJO is a celebration of creative diversity; a way of bringing fashion, music and culture together in the same space. We wanted to showcase this collection of fifteen pieces that shows the process that fashion students went through in their exploration of the themes of power and submission; noise and silence; heaviness and lightness; movement and stasis," says Carolina Almaguer, who is part of the university's teaching team. "This is the beginning of a new era in CEDIM, which seeks to plan the future of Mexican design and present our up-and-coming designers as the great fashion entrepreneurs of the future."

i-D was backstage at the event, check out the work of some of the students in the photos below:

estudiantes CEDIM
By Olga de la Garza
estudiantes cedim
By Steph Rosales
estudiantes cedim
By Isela Jiménez
estudiantes cedim
By Bárbara González
estudiantes CEDIM
By Cecilia Hernández
estudiantes CEDIM
By Stephany Rosales
estudiantes CEDIM
By Christina Escapite
estudiantes CEDIM
By Yael Villarreal


Photography Minerva Hernández

Thanks to Amanda Cantú De León and Carolina Almaguer for all their help.

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