an ultra sneaky peek at your favourite zine, mushpit

Welcome to issue 10, baby.

by Charlotte Roberts and Bertie Brandes
18 December 2017, 6:13pm

This Christmas, invest in Issue 10 of Mushpit. The world's best and only magazine determined to burn bridges and lose friends with every coming issue. This time round we've collaborated with genius and fellow eye-contact avoider Richard Turley (previously of other, serious work) to create a messy and floppy maze of panic, disappointment, soul-searching and courage. Come down to our launch party tomorrow night at the Horse Hospital and have a beer on us. Buy a copy of the magazine or three (there are three covers, all featuring heaven babe Lily McMenamy) and slip into a VIP limited edition man-hating hoodie! And all before Xmas. Beat that ;)

1. GFOTY advert and Contents Page
Here’s our editor’s letter, the issue is centred around ideas of courage. After the Crisis issue we decided to take matters into our own hands and make something (slightly) more positive. We also worked with Richard Turley for the first time on this issue, his style of Mushpit is a new direction for us and we love it. loads.

2. Getting Ready for a Night In
Rosie Marks shot her amazing cousin Daisy and we love her.

3. Zenobia in Melissa Shoes
Melissa lent us some shoes so we dressed Zenobia up in a few jumpers and made her lay on the grass on a freezing cold November afternoon. Joyce NG shot this story.

4. Who's Your Perfect Pathetic Rebound
Break-ups suck. So do rebounds. Read our necessary quiz and never rebound with an arty norm again.

5. Joyce Ng Shoots a Magnificent Matriarchy
Vanessa is who we want to be as we blossom into mothers. She’s an ex-model, insanely well dressed, fed us the most perfect food and looks incredible in a bodysuit with chainmail eggs hanging from a windchime.

Bertie Brandes
Charlotte Roberts
lily mcmenamy
mushpit issue 10