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by Matthew Whitehouse
14 May 2018, 1:03pm

Felix Cooper

Magazine: Typical Girls Issue Four
The team at Typical Girls return with The Typical Issue, volume four of their alternative art and stories zine. Established in 2015 with the aim of widening the scope of women's publishing, this time they’ve made the decision to include contributors irrespective of gender, hoping to bring others into the feminism conversation for the first time ever. “Our hope is that we can create a space of dialogue, of thought,” says Founding Editor Jamila Prowse. “A space which does not seek to undermine or stereotype people based on their gender. A space which celebrates the individual.”
Out 14 May. More info here.

Only rock 'n' roll: The Rolling Stones @ Selfridges
The Rolling Stones launch a clothing installation ahead of their No Filter tour -- the biggest undertaken by the band since their circuit of Pangaea some 175 million years ago. Including never before seen stage outfits and bespoke merch from Comme De Garçons, Levi’s and Schott, it’s a rare chance to see clothing from the Stones in the 70s and the Stones in their 70s. You can sign up to shop here.
14 May -- 3 June, Selfridges, London.

Photography: A Shade of Pale
A select group of artists celebrate their debut in an exhibition curated by Art Historian and Curator Carrie Scott. Not a group show in any traditional sense -- the some 470 photographs bear no relation to one another -- A Shade of Pale focuses on “the intricate journey one takes when looking at a series of photographs, rather than embracing a linear conceptual conceit between single images”. Which basically means a load of nice pictures thrown together, doesn’t it.
16 May -- 2 June, The STORE X, 180 Strand, London.

Art: Chantal Joffe at Week 53 Festival
The most visited cultural destination in the north west, The Lowry, pauses its usual programming to welcome Week 53 -- a pioneering, biennial cross-arts festival. Celebrating various transitional stages of life, it marks the venue turning 18 with over 66 events including the UK premiere of Hikikomori and a chance to plug your brain into Tom Dekyvere’s interactive installation Nervous. We’re particularly into Chantal Joffe’s Personal Feeling is the Main Thing -- the first solo exhibition in the north by one of the most distinctive figurative painters in Britain today.
17 -- 28 May, The Lowry, Salford.

More photography: The JW Anderson Your Picture / Our Future Exhibition
Fashion designer Jonathan Anderson turns Simon Cowell as over 1500 global submissions are whittled down to see which photographer will shoot the next JW Anderson campaign. Done so with an aim to galvanise a new generation of image-makers aged 18-30, it’s all about “giving a chance to talent,” as J-Dubs put it. “This is something I really believe in.” A selection of the work will be on show throughout the week, with the winner announced this Wednesday.
18 May -- 23rd May, 13 Floral Street, London.

5. Nigel Shafran, chicken pox self portrait diary page 1991 from Works Books 1984 – 2018 © the artist, courtesy of Sion and Moore

Exhibition: Work Books 1984 -- 2018
Opening in a former umbrella factory in London’s East End is Work Books 1984 -- 2018; a presentation of work by the photographer Nigel Shafran. Comprised of approximately 40 books -- containing drawings, notes, photographs and other ephemera -- it’s a chance to see the space in which one of Britain’s most iconic lensmen develops his ideas before they wind up as images in the pages of magazines such as this one. You might even get yourself a knock-off umbrella if you’re lucky.
18 May -- 7 June, Sion and Moore, London.

Felix Cooper

Fashion: Levi’s X Feng Chen Wang 501® Collaboration
And finally, Chinese-born designer Feng Chen Wang splices together Levi's from 1873, 1933, 1937, 1944, 1947, 1954 to create a sort of Frankenstein’s Monster of denim. What a load of absolute jeanius.
We don’t actually know when they’re out, we just quite liked them.

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