this is how the beauty industry has evolved over time

From the advent of social media to sheer size of productions, we ask some of the industry’s most renowned make-up artists their thoughts on how the industry’s changed over the last few years and what’s the most important thing to remember moving forwards

by Bojana Kozarevic
11 June 2018, 5:00am

“It's incredible how much it's changed since I started. Most importantly, there was no Instagram. I did almost four years as a first, full time assistant and like everyone else before me worked from the bottom up, rushing out to get new magazines when they came out. I almost couldn't believe I was part of the mysterious upper echelons of fashion. Even now with the ascent of social media, insta-famous influencers and people's need for social approval I still think taste, talent, personality and humility are very important.” Lauren Parsons

There are a lot more people in fashion than there were. There were a lot when I started but now it’s overwhelming. I think the digital world has changed things. I think we have to remember to take our time and create better things, take risks and push ourselves to work towards doing memorable timeless work. We shouldn’t rely solely on technology in the creative process but instead collaborate as a team and push great ideas and techniques, to take chances, make mistakes and have fun in the process. Because of the internet and social media we are bombarded with fashion imagery, which can seem very derivative and not original. Referencing is a great starting point but we have to make sure that our work is true and strong, so to avoid being bland and everything being the same one note.” Aaron de Mey

“Everything has gotten bigger! Our productions used to be so small, now they're huge with tons of people working on shoots. I think it's so important to remember not to take anything too seriously.” Diane Kendal

“Diversity of beauty has changed and is changing. Individuality is more accepted and that is a wonderful thing. It is important to be loving what you love and respecting people and feeling energy of all of them in collaboration without ego. Love is important!" Nami Yoshida

“The traditional route of assisting to gain experience before launching your own career is not necessarily the only path to take for launching a career as a make-up artist. Social media and instant information sharing has created an exciting platform for a whole new generation of artists. With references and imagery so easily accessible I am looking forward to seeing what is born from this creative platform.” Thomas de Kluvyer

“Many things have changed. During my assisting era, we often had more days to do one story, so we could try many different ways with styling, make-up and hairstyles to create different characters. Now a lot of shoots have more planning, the creativity is still there but maybe just a little more organised now.” Hiromi Ueda

“The speed has changed. The quickness in which things are brought to the public awareness and just as quickly disappear. It’s hard to make an image last. It’s hard to be creative with so much commercialism and pressure.” Yadim

“The beauty industry is brimming with classic brands going head to head with new, emerging names keen to make their mark. I think it’s this underlying tension and competitiveness that creates truly fantastic products. The key indicator of change is the increasing rise of social media – and cleverly incorporating this into your brand’s marketing strategy – alongside the latest innovations in science and technology. I think the most significant change will be in how science-driven the industry will become, alongside a tech-based approach to marketing and PR. Both science and technology are so instrumental when it comes to revolutionising the beauty industry.Technology is a part of the magic of everything we do – it’s at the forefront of my make-up revolution.” Charlotte Tilbury

“Everything is more instant, the industry landscape is constantly evolving, difficult to navigate what everything will look like in five years. It seems to be moving faster than fashion trends.” Gucci Westman / Westman Atelier

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