Rihanna is releasing a gender neutral line of Fenty skincare

Finally some good news in this hellscape year.

by Roisin Lanigan
16 July 2020, 10:21am

Imagery via Instagram

When was the last time you heard an honestly wholesome and true piece of good news? Something unrelated to viral loads, phased reopenings or cancelled plans? Something heartwarming and uplifting? Really think back. Yeah, same.

Well, we’ve some good news for you today! No, it’s not that the world has discovered a COVID-19 vaccine, but it’s maybe almost as good!! Rihanna is blessing the world with a Fenty skincare line -- and it’s gender neutral as well.

Skincare hive has been sweating in anticipation of this drop for months, after Rihanna trademarked several Fenty skin products earlier in the year. But with everything on hold due to Miss Rona, it seemed unlikely that the waiting would pay off. Thankfully though, Rihanna came through, posting a teaser vid on Fenty Skin’s new Instagram account -- already over 140k followers in a day, nbd -- of her applying what looks like foaming cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

The short clip doesn’t reveal many details of the products themselves, just glimpses of the pastel Fenty Beauty colour palette fans already know so well. But a caption reveals that the world won’t have to wait long to find out more. The line is officially launching at fentyskin.com on 31 July, just in time for everyone’s first pub-reopening paycheck (praying for you all).

And in classic Rihanna style, the Fenty mogul also responded to a fan tweet begging her to drop male skincare by confirming the range will be gender neutral. (Technically, if you’re not being a little bitch about it, all skincare products are anyway!) Our favourite part about all of this is that the tweet is from 2017, meaning Rihanna probably saved it all this time to respond. A petty legend.