Patia's Fantasy World launches database of anti-racist resources

The Instagram Queen has compiled a master list to help you dismantle racism.

by Jack Sunnucks
03 June 2020, 2:19pm

If you don't already follow her, Patia is the brains behind Patia's Fantasy World, our favourite meme account that makes you think and laugh in equal amounts, alongside her friends River and Laina. Intent on using their platform for good, Patia has started The Fantasy World Master List Of Resources On How To Dismantle Racism, which does what the name says. Read her statement below.

Patia’s Fantasy World started off as my private Instagram for my close friends that later became public. My intention with this account was to simply share the funny content relating to Black culture, rap music, fucked up shit about dating in New York, and shit I was interested in, with my friends. It’s very simple. The way you all engage with my account is what keeps it running and I am incredibly grateful for that. Getting banned from Instagram in March 2020 and seeing the amount of tweets and content regarding bringing back PFW helped me realise the strong platform I have that I can use to promote the people, places, and things I believe in. Honesty is a big part of this account and I’m not afraid to vocalize myself or call out people who do wrong.

I am so thankful to have my best friends River and Laina, curate & create content by my side. I would not have been able to balance this account with my own personal life if it were not for them and their voices add so much to the account. Throughout spreading information via Instagram stories recently, we have received countless amounts of hateful & racist messages on our personal accounts. Yes, it is scary. But I can’t let that scare me because if my ancestors could fight till death for basic human rights, so can I.

I know it is not my responsibility as a Black woman to do this or educate. I am so tired. I am tired of constantly repeating myself because I feel unheard and that things are not changing for my people. However, I feel compelled to utilize the knowledge from my diverse group of friends into creating a master resource that will answer the main question I have gotten every hour for the last four days: “What can I do?”

Please pass this along to everyone you know. This will be a guide to help you reflect, heal, and learn how to communicate with those around you. Fighting systemic racism doesn’t just end at going out to protest and donating. There is so much to learn and practice. Everyday we can better ourselves.

The data will be updated multiple times throughout the day, everyday.

With love,

Black Lives Matter
The Fantasy World Master List Of Resources On How To Dismantle Racism​