Oh good, you can now buy the house from The Conjuring

Included: The malevolent spirit of a dead witch Not included: Bills

by George Griffiths
26 September 2021, 11:45am

Image courtesy of New Line Cinema

If you’re a fan of properties possessed by the spirit of a centuries-old witch, then boy have we got news for you; the haunted house the events of the first Conjuring film is now available to buy. Yay (?)

Cast your mind back all the way to 2013 and you should remember the plot of The Conjuring; where paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are called by the Perron family to their newly-purchased farmhouse in Rhode Island. There, the Warrens discover that the family is being haunted by the home’s former owner, an accused witch called Bathsheba Sherman.

Well, as the opening titles of the film will tell you, the events of the film were actually based on real life. The Perron case was most certainly investigated by the Warrens in 1971, who claimed that the family was being haunted by the spirit of Bathsheba Sherman.

Now, the real-life farmhouse once owned by the Perrons is up for sale, and marketed at the price of $1.2 million USD.

Located at 1677 Round Top Road, Burrillville, Rhode Island, the property boasts eight acres of land as well as a 3,000 square feet farmhouse,  three bedrooms and one and one-half bathrooms, for you and any spooky-ooky guests you may have staying with you (by choice or not).

Ray Mott and Judy Chance of Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty announced the sale in a press release, saying:

“1677 Round Top Road is a property with such a fascinating background, and we are pleased to have listed this interesting home. The ‘Conjuring’ estate is an intriguing offering in northern Rhode Island".”

(Interesting really is the word).

Since its initial release in 2013, The Conjuring has gone on to expand into one of the most successful (and low-key most consistently brilliant?) modern horror franchises. Annabelle and The Nun may be the big break-out characters, but if you haven’t already, we recommend checking out The Conjuring 2, one of the greatest horror films of the 2010s inspired by another real-life case of the Warrens in Enfield, London.

If you’re also looking to get more into witches this Halloween szn (it’s coming) join our good friend Bathsheba in watching 10 witchy horror movies. Join the coven now.

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