Photography Kohl Donnelly

What your February 2021 looked like

From Delhi to Siberia, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
05 March 2021, 12:18pm

Photography Kohl Donnelly

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email

Last month, despite an ex-presidential impeachment trial, winter storms in Texas and a number of small demonstrations (such as New York’s march for trans people of colour), the atmosphere felt quieter than in January for many Americans. Across the world however, protests raged through Myanmar, India, Algeria and Spain. Vaccine roll-outs picked up speed in some countries, and tentative dates for lockdown lifts were announced.

Like the editions that came before it, these photos don’t just capture one specific experience, but speak to a whole range of different reactions and realities.

a man looking out over a valley

Chinedu Nwakudu, 26, Atlanta

“This picture represents how I've felt for a while. To be up so high, but at the same time feel so lonely. My head is always in the sky, so yeah, this is just a visual of what my thoughts look like.”

two children in the snow

Vlad Molodez, 22, Sharypovo, Siberia

“I came home to Siberia this February which was so wonderful. I spent it in different villages working on my personal project. These are two Siberian boys I've found in one village. This picture reminds me of my homeland, which I always want to go back to!”

a man in a denim jacket

Max 21, California

“Falling in love with friendships. My best friend, Fernando.”

a man with covid attached to a machine
a woman drying her hair
a man with a camera taking a self-portrait

Elianel Clinton, 25, New Jersey

“Throughout the month of February I’ve continued to document my mother and father, who both were positive for COVID. Sadly, my father was affected the worst out of the five of us who were positive, and is currently still recovering at home with an oxygen machine. This was the most challenging, difficult and scary time of my entire life. Thankfully he’s on a good road to recovery and everyone else has recovered.”

four men in the reflection of a shop front

Kohl Donnelly, 24, New York

“February has brought me a beautiful group of new friends who have welcomed me in and shown me a whole new world.”


Percy Walker Smith, 20, Brighton

“This photograph is of two swimmers — Mark Vessey, an artist, and Ed Burnside, a director — who braved the cold conditions for a swim in the sea as the snow fell around them.”

two friends shaking hands

Joshua Odulate, 20, London

“A photo I took of my friends after seeing each other for the first time in three months. The smiles are a sign of hope that normality will return soon.”

a window looking out onto a brazilian city

Luka Faccini, 18, Brazil

“In a one-week getaway with my boyfriend. Watching the city's bright colours felt like a glimpse of hope so long lost.”

chinatown in new york

Ryan Razon, 27, New York

“As an Asian American immigrant racism was always prevalent growing up, but I will always be hopeful for a better tomorrow. This photo is from Chinatown, it has always been a place that felt homie and now that I am older I learned to appreciate all the culture it brings.”

two man holding each other in a photo studio

Cameron Ugbodu, 21, London

“The image is out of a series about my mentorship with Campbell Addy. Being comforted and protected, is what I am most grateful for in this mentorship.”

a dark yellow sunset

Martin Hufnagel, Hamburg

“Dark, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

a protestor at a stonewall demonstration

Steven Roa, New York (Photo by Robert Hamada)

“I protested with Qween Jean, Joel and others at the Stonewall Protests. It’s the one day in the week where I get to be free to express my masculine, feminine, and androgynous style, while fighting for Black trans and non-binary lives. It means a lot to me because I feel seen and loved publicly, something that I couldn’t do outside the protests easily.”

a topless woman sat on a sofa
run down houses in russia

Liliya Shapran, 24, Saint Petersburg

“Some photos at a lonely, abandoned Russian traditional dwelling that I found walking around on a frosty February morning. And one in a quiet home.”

a topless man self-portrait

Kavish Sethi, 31, New Delhi, India

"Waking from the dream of matter."

a steamed up train window

Tom Marshak, 38, London

“The poetics of silence, the ghost trains. With just a glimpse of light, it might even look beautiful.”

a girl in a pink helmut lang hoodie

Stephen Velastegui, 23, New York

"Here are some outtakes of my muse, Ariana, on set from the beginning of the month. I love being able to work with my muses on a wide range of projects, from personal to commercial."

woman walking in a tanzanian fashion show

Thithi, 21, Tanzania

“February was all about new opportunities. I got the chance to shoot my first fashion show last month. It gave me more experience, increased my self-confidence as a creative and led to more opportunities in the future.”

rubbish on the floor

Jelani Todd, 21, Atlanta

“I took this photograph of a MAD magazine cover hidden in a pile of trash. The issue was from 1971 and I think it’s really interesting how it’s still relevant and reflects the times we’re currently living in.”

a woman in the snow facing away from the camera

 Sam, 21, London

“Tension always seems to build up on the neck.”

car u-turn marks in the snow

Niko Tampio, 32, Finland

“New set of restrictions made us have to tweak our directions once again.”

grafitti of the word huh on a wall in shoreditch

Lévy Alonzeau, 24, London


a man's blurry reflection in the mirror

Jake Alexander Evans, 16, London

“February felt like a key time of reflection for me, with exams being almost over and the conversation of adulthood becoming a reality in my life. I was forced to constantly look at myself and who I wanted to be in this world.”

a man walking down a street with light reflected across him

George McFadyen, 22, Glasgow

“I miss photographing actual human interaction so fucking much.”

a topless man lying in bed

Jester Bulnes, 19, Los Angeles

“February meant allowing myself to fall even more in love with my partner and gave me the courage to explore the intimacies of a relationship for the first time, even with having to live miles and miles apart from each other.”

a self portrait of a gender fluid person

Matias Rodriguez, 18, Temecula, California

“This month I came out as gender-fluid and this self portrait is what gender fluidity looks and feels like for me. I am finally in a place where I feel free to showcase my true self to the world. As a message to anyone struggling with their identity, be patient with yourself, know that you are valid and deeply loved.”

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