I Know What You Did Last Summer is being rebooted as a TV series

Spooky season is in full swing and the 90s classics are coming back. We love to see it.

by Roisin Lanigan
16 October 2020, 10:19am

Ah, another day, another reboot -- this time it’s 90s slasher classic I Know What You Did Last Summer, currently slated for a TV series reboot courtesy of Amazon Prime. The news comes after a run of rebooted or updated classics have been announced in recent months, including fellow 90s spookfest The Craft, due to drop later this month, a gritty reimagining of  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and a genderbent TikTok star helmed version of She’s All That, originally starring 90s teen veteran and I Know What You Did Last Summer star Freddie Prinze Junior. Ah, the cyclical nature of life.

Anyway! The new update, a young adult horror series, comes from producer Sara Goodman, "who was the mastermind behind Gossip Girl, which also has a reboot in the works." The plot will take inspiration from the original 1997 film (itself based on a 1973 pulp novel) with a hook-handed killer taking his revenge on a group of hot but anxious teens after a graduation night accident.

“We are thrilled to have I Know What You Did Last Summer with our incredible partners at Amazon Studios,” said co-president of Sony Pictures TV Studios Jason Clodfelter in a statement. “Neal Moritz and Original Film’s development consistently fires on all cylinders and that is proven once again with Sara Goodman’s contemporary and pulsating character weaving suspense thriller.” “The best horror franchises always have another scare coming, and this I Know What You Did Last Summer series from Sara Goodman is a perfectly twisted update to the iconic slasher movie,” added Albert Cheng, COO and co-head of television over at Amazon Studios.

And look, we know what you’re thinking... Oh, why can’t they just do something original? Why the endless reboots and sequels and updates? And, well, yes. But also, are we going to absolutely devour this series and love it just as much as its uber cheesy predecessor? Also yes.