Photography Maxwell Tomlinson. Fashion Bojana Kozarevic

See the world through the distinct lens of Gucci

Three young London-based creatives discuss what makes their perspectives unique and their ideal visions for the world.

by i-D Staff
15 July 2022, 9:14am

Photography Maxwell Tomlinson. Fashion Bojana Kozarevic

In life, perspective is everything – for all of our many similarities, we each see and perceive the world from a unique point of view. As ordinary a thing as it may seem, then, wearing a pair of sunglasses isn’t just about accessorising–  it’s a means of communicating your vision; of telling the world how you see it, and how you want it to see you. For those looking to make a statement of bold, assured confidence, there are few better places to turn to than Gucci. 

Embodying the same spirit that underscores Alessandro Michele’s vision for the House’s ready-to-wear collections, the Gucci Eyewear offering comprises elegantly eccentric spins on classic silhouettes. Here, in a candid portrait series shot by Maxwell Tomlinson and styled by i-D senior fashion market editor Bojana Kozarevic, pieces from the House’s latest collection are seen on three visionary London-based creatives. Below, they discuss how their unique perspectives shape their practices, and how they see the world. 



Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.
My name is Ranny Cooper, I’m a painter and a sculptor. 

What four words encapsulate how you see the world?
Hopeful, courageous, bruised, beautiful. 

How do you perceive yourself?
Optimistic, driven, a bit of a space cadet but sometimes it’s nicer in the clouds, you know? 

How does your particular perspective make itself felt in what you do?
It’s all about empathy, and connection to what I’m creating that really gets me going. If you can’t feel or relate to what you’re doing it always ends up feeling a bit soulless.

What does having a ‘clear vision’ mean to you?
It’s everything. It’s joy, curiosity, insight. Going blind is a big irrational fear of mine, but I like to think I would cope if anything happened. I like the idea of tuning in to your other senses more once one is lost. 



Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do. 
I’m a skater and all-around nerd. I also teach skateboarding and study physics at university.

Speaking idealistically, what does the world’s future look like to you?
I would love to see a world where people are able to give and experience unconditional empathy. Also, a radical shift in our definitions of beauty, creativity, love, gender, and intelligence. 

What does having a ‘clear vision’ mean to you?
For me having a ‘clear vision’ is a state of being both completely open to all possibilities and also fully present in whatever you’re experiencing.

Where and when do you feel that your vision is at its most clear?
Definitely when I’m in a flow state. It’s like this feeling of effortless existence that I get when I’m having a good skate sesh or going down a rabbit hole about something that interests me or just spending time with the people who love and know me best.

What do you look for in a pair of sunglasses?
I want any sunglasses I wear to bring out a different version of my face. I love that they offer a level of anonymity by hiding your face and giving you a new one while you wear them.



Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.
I’m a painter born in Lublin, a city in eastern Poland, but spent a big part of my childhood in north-west London. My work focuses on the inner life of people, and I mostly paint the people, things and places closest to me, and return to the same subjects over and over again, to hopefully scratch the surface of the experience of being human a little deeper every time.

Speaking idealistically, what does the world’s future look like to you?
Currently, I think it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if I were to put on my idealist hat, there are some exciting prospects for the future in regards to science, medicine and, in certain parts of the world, social progress. For instance, it’s looking like MRNA vaccines are going to open so many new doors in dealing with some serious diseases. 

What does having a ‘clear vision’ mean to you?
For me, it’s when you are capable of forgetting yourself a little – when the outside world becomes the priority. Things can be seen and are not just a backdrop for your thoughts.

Where and when do you feel that your vision is at its most clear?
To be literal, I'm going to say around 9:30pm or after I eat too much nutrition-jammed food like a Tuscan Kale salad. On top of that a whole bucket list of things has to fall in line; things like the right amount of caffeine and water intake, sleep, exercise, and alone time. But in those two moments, I physically see better, colours are sharper, and I generally see the world in greater clarity.


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Photography Maxwell Tomlinson
Fashion Bojana Kozarevic

Creative Direction Yara Heine
Hair Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson Agency
Make-up Thomasin Waite at Julian Watson Agency
Nail Technician Lauren Michelle Pires at Future Rep
Photography assistance Rory Cole, Tamibe Bourdanne
Fashion assistance Gal Klein
Production LG Studio
Retouching ink Retouch
Models Yolanda at Head Office Management. Ranny Cooper at Crumb Agency. & Igor Moritz.

All clothing and eyewear Gucci. Jewellery models own.