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      beauty i-D Staff 26 April 2016

      inside korea's billion dollar beauty industry

      In i-D’s latest video series, tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral explores how younger generations are challenging traditional views around beauty and body image across the world. Through a number of dramatic body modifications, Grace has evolved from self-confessed alternative weirdo to actual pixie dream-girl with purple eyes, pointed elf ears, a forked-tongue, scarification and no belly button. Interested in ideas of alternative beauty and pushing boundaries of positive body image, the 27-year-old navigates us through changing attitudes to how we look. In the first four episodes of Beyond Beauty, we follow the tattoo-covered alien princess to South Korea as she investigates the ways in which Seoul’s youth conform and challenge mainstream beauty ideals. Although it’s socially acceptable for teenagers to have cosmetic surgery within its six billion dollar domestic beauty industry, it is illegal to be a tattoo artist. From underground tattoo studios to specialist club nights, Grace meets the young South Koreans embracing alternative ideas of beauty and discovers the impact it has on their lives.

      Topics:beauty, grace neutral, alternative beauty, alternative beauty week, body modification, tattoos, seoul, watch, zuid-korea, documentaires, video, idocs


      Regie Nick Walters Grace Neutral

      Producer Declan Higgins

      Supervising Producer Eloise King
      Global Executive Producer Ravi Amaratunga
      Associate Producer Kate Villevoye
      Production Manager Lauran Clark
      Researcher Stephen Isaac-Wilson
      Production Assistant Lily Rose Thomas
      Post production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa

      Director of Photography Tom Seal
      South Korea Fixer Aaron Choi
      Sound MJ Lee

      Editors Nick Walters, Rebecca Gin
      Colourist Nick Walters
      Sound Mix Simon Little

      Music Jingle Punks

      Commercial Creative Director Bunny Kinney
      Head of Production Bree Horn
      Associate Producer Tom Ivin
      Head of Post Production Daniel Elias
      Post production Administrator Laura Davidson

      Art Director Valerio Oliveri
      Studio Manager Polly Williams
      Motion Graphics Director Steve Gurr
      Junior Designer Rebecca Hopkins

      Additional Footage Miryo 'Queen’

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