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      photography Felix Petty 19 May 2017

      the winning images from magnum’s graduate photographers award

      These lot might be the future of photography.

      the winning images from magnum’s graduate photographers award the winning images from magnum’s graduate photographers award the winning images from magnum’s graduate photographers award
      Sian Davey

      Magnum is one of the most respected and historic names in the world of photography and photojournalism. This year is their 70th anniversary, marked with all kinds of events, retrospectives, big coffee table books, talks and so on. But for all that looking back and celebrating their history, Magnum are also still moving forward.

      For the third time, as part of Photo London, the agency have been running The Graduate Photographers Award, sponsored by RBB Economics. An award that recognises some of the most promising, most exciting young photographers just out of university. Offering them the chance to be mentored by the agency.

      Martin Seeds

      And as Photo London starts today, we can announce the winners as: Carl Bigmore, Georgs Avetisjans, Kazuma Obara, Lua Ribeira, Martin Seeds, Matthew Broadhead, Michael Vince Kim, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, Sam Ivin and Sian Davey. All recent BA and MA graduates from across the UK, but imagery that stretches around the globe.

      From work about the Los Angeles Water Wars, to images that explore the Korean-Cuban community, America's labour day fairs, those seeking asylum, and teenage life. The varied works span traditional portraiture, to landscape photography, to experimental approaches and more conceptual works.

      But you can decide for yourself, and scan through the winning works, and go see them in person at Photo London.

      Georgs Avetisjans

      Matthew Broadhead

      Sam Ivin

      Lua Ribeira

      Kazuma Obara

      Monica Alcazar Duarte

      Carl Bigmore

      Michael Vince Kim


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