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      art Clementine de Pressigny 16 March 2017

      the whitney houston biennial is real

      Featuring only female artists, this is the art show you really need to know about.

      Forget the Whitney Biennial, get yourself to the second edition (the first was in 2014) of the Whitney Houston Biennial in New York, a showcase made up of entirely women artists. A cheeky play on the long-established mega biennial, which is on at the same time, this alternative art survey seeks to reinforce the (gradually) increasing awareness by art institutions of the need for much greater female representation. Featuring an impressive number of artists, and celebrating the legendary singer and actress who is its namesake, this year's exhibition takes its title from Whitney's 1986 single Greatest Love of All, recorded for her debut album. The exhibition's curator, artist Christine Finley, has requested that all participants include a text on a female pioneer who means something to them — whether she's a friend, family member or public figure. Speaking to artnet, Christine said: "This allows the women who are in the show to think about their own legacy," proudly calling the exhibition "super generational" as well as "an exciting and encouraging platform for people to be able show some fresh work." Let the art world shake-up continue. 

      The Whitney Houston Biennial runs 19 - 29 March at 325 West Broadway, New York


      Text Clementine de Pressigny
      Image The Whitney Houston Biennial

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