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      music Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse 16 June 2017

      the soundtrack to your weekend ft. rihanna, wolf alice and selena gomez

      Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

      Selena Gomez, Bad Liar
      Selena reminds us that she can act by pretending to be four people in one music video. It's 70s themed, there's a solo bedroom dance scene that almost rivals that one in Girls, and rumours are spiralling that Taylor Swift is hiding in some posters in the background. What more could you possibly want? It's a very fun music video in a time that we need more fun music videos. Top marks.

      Lil Peep, Benz Truck
      Call it Nu Emo, call it, um, Nemo (?), 20-year-old Lil Peep is certainly dividing opinion. Personally we like it when someone with pink hair comes along and ruffles a few feathers, but we can see where the naysayers come from; his music sounding like a sort of weird internet no man's land between alternative rock and Macbook trap.

      Jaden Smith, Batman
      If all bleeped out swears sounded this good, the world would be a much better place. Here we find young Jaden Smith playing Batman and switching his trusty water bottle for a glass of the clear stuff as he goes through a training montage that's got nothing on Karate Kid. Strolling through Hollywood in a white batman suit, this is best we've heard from him. And if you're into playing the Where's Wally? game we kicked off with Taylor, keep an eye out for Frank Ocean's Boys Don't Cry book in this one.

      AJ Tracey, LA4AWEEK
      AJ Tracey's in LA for a week. He's going to the Chinese Theatre! He's eating In-N-Out Burger! He's taking a selfie in front of the Hollywood sign! Good old AJ Tracey.

      Wolf Alice, Yuk Foo
      Wolf Alice are back, and they've brought some sick strobes and an attitude problem with them. Saying all those things we thought but never said, furious singer Ellie doesn't give a shit.

      Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, The Walk (Feat. Sarah Elizabeth Charles)
      Some jazz here, which everyone seems to be into at the moment. Christian's been a key player in the scene for some time now, knocking out a series of works addressing a litany of issues from the prison industrial complex to "food insecurity, xenophobia, immigration, climate change, sexual orientation, gender equality, fascism and the return of the demagogue". Blimey, Christian! We just liked the brass.

      Dr Danny, Nothing But Love
      Fans of The Lemon Twigs might recognise 19 year old Dr Danny as none other than Danny from The Lemon Twigs, prodigal 60s-influenced pop band of brothers. He's been working away on his own project and has just put out the first single Nothing But Love and with it a sweet DIY video in which a group of forest animals kill his girlfriend. Catch him live at Glastonbury with his brothers in arms from The Lemon Twigs returning the favour and making up his band. You know what they say… those who meet at an elementary school talent show, stick together.

      DJ Khaled, Wild Thoughts ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
      Carlos Santana sample? Check. Rihanna in Balenciaga? Check. Baby Asahd next to a palm tree? Check. Khalad continues his list of all-star collaborators, with this Havana Club banger featuring RiRi and Louisville native Bryson Tiller. "We the best music," he says at the start and, to be honest, it's getting hard to argue with him.

      Rejjie Snow, Unborn
      Off on a drive through the wintery English countryside to this tune from recent mixtape 300/Honeymoon, we've been told that Rejjie is channeling Marie Antoinette here but are not sure to what extent. It could just be the fluffy hairpiece, but maybe he's also spending all the money and throwing all the parties too. Listen out for the line about mermaids, and the very Stranger Things synth line.

      Sälen, So Rude
      Sälen are so rude. They're always talking over you, yawning in public, driving aggressively. Good tunes though, right? Oh, and they've just announced a one-off free party at London's Ace Hotel too. Sälen we take it all back!


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