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      music i-D Staff 3 March 2017

      the soundtrack to your weekend ft. hmltd, sturla atlas and lorde

      Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

      the soundtrack to your weekend ft. hmltd, sturla atlas and lorde the soundtrack to your weekend ft. hmltd, sturla atlas and lorde the soundtrack to your weekend ft. hmltd, sturla atlas and lorde

      HMLTD, To The Door

      Wow. This lovely South London lot just put out the most exciting video we've seen in ages. Rose petals! Ghost dances! Blood splatters! The best use of multiple genres in a song since forever! The word thrice! These boys are our new obsession.

      Faze Miyake ft. Merky ACE and AJ Tracey, None Of That

      Faze Miyaki next, with ice cold None Of That, featuring Merky ACE and the hardest working boy in grime, AJ Tracey in a chase around a brutalist estate with a cameo from a man in a monster mask. Exactly like Scooby Doo, if Shaggy and the gang had been decked out in Nasir Mazhar.

      The Big Moon, Sucker

      Meanwhile, over in West World... Currently playing live as Marika Hackman's band, the girls from the large natural satellite head to the desert for a game of cowboys and suckers. What's that photo all about? It doesn't look like anything to us.

      Sturla Atlas, Time

      Well, isn't this romantic?! Our Icelandic pals try their best to get over a fit girl by taking solitary boat trips and writing sad sexy songs in this impressive self-directed video that lives up to their track record of impressive self-directed videos.

      The Blaze, Territory

      Cinematic music deserves a poetic visual, and The Blaze, a producer duo who make their own videos, have delivered just that. Their Territory, set on the hazy rooftops of Algiers, is a powerful, enigmatic display of primal masculinity, family values and abject belonging. Instantly influential.

      JFDR, Instant Patience

      If Bjork's a fan, we're fans. This is beautiful.

      GoldLink, Crew

      Welcome to GoldLink's crew, where the guys drive around cutting shapes dressed impeccably in fleece-fur coats, and the ladies ride pink motorbikes. The White House looms in the background as GoldLink shows us a new type of congress that should be running the streets. 

      Lorde, Green Light

      It's been four years since her last record and this NZ teenage dream is no longer a teen. Lorde dropped Green Light just last night and it's already got over four millions plays. Want to know why? Having gone through the emotional rollercoaster herself, this is a song for the broken-hearted drunk girl at a party singing and dancing and crying and working through it under a Drive colour filter. Boy are we glad she's back.

      Jakuzi, Bir Düşmanım Var

      In this track, Turkey's Jakuzi have managed to combine kitschy 80s crooning, a humming saxophone and every Euro-ballad ever to make something so sincere and emotionally uplifting, that we're salladi (shook). 

      Spoek Mathambo, I Found U (feat Kajama & Fantasma)

      Last but by no means least, Spoek Mathambo's I Found You is a pulsating and shimmering display of the South African's talents, and, according to his soundcloud page 'a song of longing for lost love and love to come'. Fingers crossed it'll come to you this weekend.


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