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      music Frankie Dunn and Matthew Whitehouse 12 May 2017

      the soundtrack to your weekend ft. amandla stenberg, mount kimbie and swet shop boys

      Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

      the soundtrack to your weekend ft. amandla stenberg, mount kimbie and swet shop boys the soundtrack to your weekend ft. amandla stenberg, mount kimbie and swet shop boys the soundtrack to your weekend ft. amandla stenberg, mount kimbie and swet shop boys

      Amandla Stenberg, Let My Baby Stay
      Amandla Stenberg just covered Mac DeMarco's Let My Baby Stay, as featured on the soundtrack of Everything, Everything. She directed and edited the video btw. Reckon she'll launch an artist project now too? She totally could and probably will. In other news, who remembers when she sung her little song in The Hunger Games as Rue?

      Puma Blue, Want Me
      2017's inexplicable jazz revival continues with South London's Jacob Allen; a sort of Chet Baker for the Instagram generation. His new video's got a bit of the Blue Velvets about it (a lazy comparison, but it LITERALLY DOES), and he's playing alongside the very young and very cool Babeheaven at London's Scala later this month (25 May). Expect the buzz to be dripping off the ceiling.

      Mount Kimbie, Marilyn
      For those who wondered where on earth Mount Kimbie could take their comeback after We Go Home Together featuring James Blake the other week, wonder no longer. Written with Mica Levi of Micachu, this one comes with a video directed by Mark Lebon, comprised of pieced-together home movies of sons Frank (who directed their last release) and Tyrone (who has shot previous videos for the band). Talk about keeping it in the creative family.

      Swet Shop Boys, Thas My Girl
      The seemingly never ending rise of Riz Ahmed continues here with Thas My Girl, the first track to be taken from Swet Shop Boys' upcoming, Sufi La EP. In recent months, Riz has appeared in Star Wars! He's appeared on the cover of TIME magazine! Stick it to a public vote and he'd probably appear in 10 Downing Street, healing the wounds of a divided nation and offering amazing South Asian-inspired rap, available for all and free at the point of service. That's how cool Riz Ahmed is, readers.

      Love Deluxe, Cool Breeze Over The Mountain
      Taken from his forthcoming Silk Mirage EP, the Sydney musician makes synthy sunshine music so hot that it welcomes the cool breeze over the mountains. Oh and the track is named after the Hawaiian meaning of Keanu Reeves' name, because it sounds nice.

      Reader, Icicle
      This song just says the word "icicle" a lot but we liked it in the way that you can kind of imagine people dancing to it in a cool club scene set in the not too distant future. There'll probably be an amazing remix of it at some point too so that'll be good.

      Danny L Harle, 1UL
      You must know by now that we love a bit of Danny L Harle's melancholic euphoria here at i-D. Part of PC Music's Month Of Mayhem (a release a day) music party, 1UL (one you love, duh) follows recent tune ME4U ahead of forthcoming 1UL EP on 19 May. This is going to get confusing. As somebody's mum called Pam commented on YouTube, "Your music is so, don't know what word I want, energetic! Makes me want to move and sign and dance. Good tune!"

      Koder Feat Novelist & Nova Twins, Vibrations Remix
      K-K-K-K-Koder here picking up good vibrations, giving us excitations etc etc on his new EP out today. We've selected the Novelist and Nova Twins remix to chuck in but, really, we could have picked any of them. Good, good, good, good vibrations, indeed.

      Mabel, Bedroom
      It's Mabel again! Back with some very sexy choreography and a song about somebody being somebody's side chick. At one point she suggests turning their phones off for the weekend, which is actually a really good idea. Think of all the things you could achieve! Shall we all give it a good go?

      Hajk, Not Anymore
      Very occasionally a beautiful song will arrive in our inbox. It might not be particularly cool. It might not even contain any glitchy computer game sound effects. But it will be very nice and it will stay in our heads and we will try and share it with you on here (this is one of those songs, by the way).


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