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      music Matthew Whitehouse 19 May 2017

      i-DJ: trap joints and wavy vocal tracks from timbah

      Timbaaaaah! Start your weekend right.

      i-DJ: trap joints and wavy vocal tracks from timbah i-DJ: trap joints and wavy vocal tracks from timbah i-DJ: trap joints and wavy vocal tracks from timbah

      This week's i-DJ comes courtesy of Nottingham-born, Leeds-based Timbah. With a name like a dating agency for logs, Timbah peddles a fine line in dizzying sonics that fall just on the right side of wacky. Beloved by the likes Toddla T and Mary Anne Hobbs, he has a new EP, the anime inspired Slimey Makoto, out today via Sheffield's Bad Taste label (home to Walter Ego, Slick Don and a heap of other grime-cum-whatever producers), and to celebrate, we said, "Hey, Timbah, why don't you make us a mix already?" He did and here it is.

      Hello Timbah. What's this mix all about then?
      I was trying to be eclectic when I got my tunes together for this but, as always, everything goes through the filter of your current music taste when you're scrolling through your bits and pieces. This mix has ended up being mostly trap joints and wavy vocal tracks.

      Can you describe yourself in four words?
      Adult who watches cartoons.

      What is your greatest ambition?
      I don't have great ambitions, just loads of little stupid ones. I watched a video of this guy who rides through the forest on a unicycle playing the Zelda Lost in the Woods theme on an accordion. I'd quite like to be that guy.

      Which album changed your life?
      Enter Shikari's Take to the Skies. It single-handedly opened the door to electronic music for me and I've never looked back, even though it was some strange combo of hardcore and trance sounds. Weird to say it, but I think the screaming synths and the melodies actually feed into a lot of my music even now.

      Your house is on fire. After loved ones, what do you save?
      My N64 and golden Zelda Majora's Mask cartridge. If my hands can carry more, then probably the controllers and Mario Tennis.

      If you could wake up tomorrow having gained a new ability, what would it be?
      If we're talking superhero abilities, telekinesis. If we're talking normal person abilities, probably superior cooking skills. It's nice to eat well.

      If you could go back in time, where would you go?
      Back to the moment when I first heard Air and Lack Thereof by James Blake. Over and over again.

      If it weren't for music what else would you be doing?
      Cracking open a cold one with the boys.

      What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
      Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. Also, wherever you're going, always bring a spare jumper out with you.

      Timbah's Slimey Makoto EP is out now.

      Listen: There's an i-DJ mix perfect for every occasion. Play loud!


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