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      dizzee rascal reveals new album tracklist

      The grime star took to YouTube to tease tracks from his forthcoming album.

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      Around 2pm today, Mercury Prize winner Dizzee Rascal took to his YouTube channel to tease details of his forthcoming album, which could be called 727548, the name of the website he has launched to promote the release.

      This will be the grime-turnt-house master's sixth album, which has already attracted attention when Wiley heard that Dizzee disses him on the record, (Wiley since conceded his information may have been incorrect 'lol').

      During the five-minute live stream, shot live on his YouTube channel, Dizzee entered his studio and played clips of each track (no diss was particularly audible, given the poor sound quality), before writing down each track in order. Wot U Gonna Do will raise eyebrows given its closeness to Wiley's Wot U Call It and we wonder if Way I Am refers to the rap legend that is Eminem.

      "What you gonna do when you're fans don't care cos they've all moved on," he raps on opened Wot U Gonna Do. Which got us thinking this could be the Wiley diss? Seems remarkably close a title to Wot U Call It. (*side eye emoji*)

      The only other lyrical snippet Diz afforded us was on Space, with, "When it all falls down better know your place, just give me three feet and an ounce of… space." Otherwise, there are few clues for the 16-track record, other than that it appears to be very determined. There are some strong sounding statements in those there track titles.

      Dizzee later returned to pin the tracklist up on the studio wall before higher quality snippets of the first two tunes were played.

      Judging by the sound of those first two tracks, the album sees a return to Dizzee's grime roots, surprising given he has been adamant in the past this is something he didn't want to do.

      Stay tuned to Dirtee TV for more.

      1. Focus
      2. Wot U Gonna Do
      3. Space
      4. I Ain't Even Gonna Lie
      5. How Bad Do You Want It
      6. Make It Last
      7. Ghost
      8. Business Man
      9. Bop N Keep It Dippin (or Rap N Keep It Down depending on who is better at deciphering Dizzee's handwriting)
      10. She Knows What She Wants
      11. Dummy
      12. Everything Must Go
      13. Slow Your Roll
      14. Sicka Dis Shit
      15. Way I Am
      16. Man of the Hour

      We look forward to hearing the fruits of Dizzee's labour when the album drops.

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