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      culture Anajah Hamilton 13 June 2017

      6 girls making art that will make you feel less alone

      Art Hoe Collective curator Anajah Hamilton told us about her told favourite artists and musicians — the ones making videos to lie in bed and cry to and songs that have all the real feels.

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      We're into Art Hoe Collective in a big way. Created by a bunch of Tumblr pals, it's a platform that brings together young POC artists from around the world and shows off their talents to a growing audience ready for a change from the old white guy status quo. Anajah Hamilton is a 19-year-old curator for Art Hoe, who we've been quietly admiring from afar. Then, we saw Anajah's interview with The Cut — they asked her what she'd be if she was a magazine, and bless her cotton socks she said she'd be i-D. We do love a bit of flattery, and thought it was time to get to know each other better, so we asked Anajah to tell us about her favourite girls making art and music rn. 

      Julia, visual artist, 18

      "Julia lives in LA where she writes and makes her own films about identity, being a teenager and surrealism. Her work reminds me of a teen dream flick, except way better. What I love most is that it's centred around her personal experiences and sometimes her vulnerability. If I watch her films when I'm sad, I feel like I'm not dealing with these emotions alone. I'm sure there are moments when you want to lay around and cry all day, like in Julia's video Baby Don't Cry, or times when you wish you were a kid again, like in her video Dear Diary. 

      One of my fave videos by Julia is Part I: Jason Asks Julia to the Semi-formal. In it she sits surrounded by sweet desserts, dressed in a baby-doll outfit, and pulls out a pink note from a boy asking her to the semi-formal. Julia simply checks no. I wish I could reject guys that easily. There's something very compelling and nostalgic about her work that makes me want more."

      Camille, artist, 19

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      "Using the humble medium of the coloured pencil, New Jersey-based Camille makes art centred around Black female bodies and is a cross between life and death. I love the way Camille combines nature and demise. There are some drawings where skeletons have small roses or sunflowers growing from them or beautiful girls with decaying faces. The girls in her drawings are either very delicate, like flowers, or really hardcore and punk. I enjoy the duality and multidimensional aspects of Camille's drawings."

      Claire, musician, 18

      "Once when I stayed up all night looking for new music on SoundCloud, and came across the gem that is Clairo. She usually produces her own music to go with her lyrics, and stays in bed all day at home in Boston, longing for love and life. All the songs on her SoundCloud page are so relatable. Everyone should know about Clairo because her music is calming, real easy to vibe to, and so different. One of my favourite songs of hers is Get With You, about wanting to get high with the person she likes, and it's so catchy, I can't get it out of my head."

      Tara, visual artist, 21

      "Tara, who lives in Atlanta, makes short films about Black girlhood, growing-up, and friendships. The first video I saw of her's was Duel: The Good, The Bad, and The Cookie. The concept of this video is pretty funny -- seeing two friends hash it out over the last cookie on a plate. Not only does Tara film and edit her own work, but she also adds animations/illustrations to her videos (so cool). One of my fave videos by Tara is Token, about a young quiet Black girl who faces microaggressions and is considered the "token" black friend at her all-white school. Tara says that this work of art is a reflection of her life growing up, and it's truly amazing."

      Hope, musician, 19

      "Hope, who lives in London, plays the guitar, piano and has super groovy songs and freestyles on her Soundcloud and Instagram. I found out about her music when she submitted her work to Art Hoe Collective's Instagram, and I've been obsessed ever since. One of my favourite songs by Hope is Not Wild, I relate completely to the title and the lyrics are words I felt and could never actually say. She sings of how her lover is no longer her's and how she is bored with life and wants to switch things up. Maybe you should switch things up and listen to this song, you could end up obsessed just like me."

      Easy Socks, musician, 17

      "If I could compare Easy Socks's music to anything, it would be blooming flowers but in like a rain storm. She lives in NY and has a voice that is alluring and soulful, but in songs like Sweet 16 and I Read All The Romance Novels her music is really powerful, it's a great balance. I could listen to her sing about being in love, emotions, and not being your princess all day long. One of my favourite songs by Easy Socks is Long Shot, about being someone's ride or die."


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