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nigerian youth on the change they want to see

Nigeria is about to vote in a new president, and the outcome will have a vast impact on the country's youth, who make up over half of the population. 17-year-old photographer Isabel Okoro captured her peers and asked them what they want for the country.
Isabel Okoro

how young people are using social media to sway the midterms

"It is the same thing as if you were going to walk outside and start knocking on doors, they are just knocking on virtual doors through their smartphones."
Erica Euse

​#paradetothepolls: chance the rapper led chicago concert crowd to early voting site

The local music star led thousands of people to vote ahead of election day in his hometown.
Charlotte Gush
Think Pieces

learn from brexit and make your voice heard in this election

With the Australian election looming, we look at how young people are being forgotten and what we can do about it.
Naomi Russo

young, female and opinionated: how we're voting at the election

Young women are the least likely to vote at the next election. So we went out to meet and speak to the first time voters who plan to exercise their democratic right.
Candice Pires

what is luxury in the 21st century?

As the V&A launches its What is Luxury? exhibition later this week, and registering to vote ends today, i-D looks past the clothes dripping in diamonds and trimmings and explores the real luxuries for our generation.
Billie Brand
Think Pieces

russell brand, utopian idealist and third way theorist

Russell Brand is the cheeky, chummy political provocateur and pound-of-flesh activist who might just start a revolution. i-D's Cody Ross, a voice from across the pond, presents a free and fair view of Mr. Big Mouth's politics.
Cody Ross