class of 2017 — auckland student style, straight up

In New Zealand’s biggest city, people like to keep things nice. They treat themselves, splash out and bring a sense of sophistication to daily life. Photographer Imogen Wilson headed out to see how this translates to student life, and answer the...
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an i-D look at australian student style around the country

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been speaking to university students around the country about that they’re loving, loathing and wearing. From Sydney to Perth, we asked them to give us the lowdown on their city’s style, and shout out the trends they’re...
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class of 2017 — brisbane student style, straight up

In Brisbane, style is dependent on a different set of rules — here kids are less influenced by trends, and more by what they can wear long enough to get to the pool. As the city expands rapidly, its fashionable set are establishing a fresh identity...
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class of 2017 — perth student style, straight up

In Australia’s most isolated city, fashion kids don’t let distance get them down. Rather, isolation breeds individuality. With less temptation to lift trends from neighbouring cities individuals turn to friends and their surroundings to decide what’s...
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class of 2017 — adelaide student style, straight up

In Adelaide things move a little more slowly, people are relaxed and the city’s style is a reflection of that. Here student style is about comfort and ease, no one is out to impress, it’s about dressing for yourself.
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class of 2017 — canberra student style, straight up

While grown ups in our nation’s capital are largely swayed by the suit and tie expectations of public servant jobs, the kids are taking things in a different direction. Op shop style rules, hometown pride is everywhere, and good lucking going five...
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class of 2017 — melbourne student style, straight up

We’re continuing our series looking at student style around Australia in Melbourne. Tasha Tylee photographed and spoke to kids around town about tertiary style, dressing “woke” and being poor but trying to look rich.
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class of 2017 — sydney student style, straight up

We’ve teamed up with photographers from all around Australia to capture student style across the country. First up Joe Brennan in Sydney checks out what the kids are loving, loathing and lusting after in our biggest city.
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We speak to Jess Brittain, creator of BBC Three’s new thriller tackling female friendship and the college class divide.
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fashion students open up about the real pressures of study

They want their degrees, and their stress, to be taken seriously.
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you can now take a class on ​beyoncé's 'lemonade' at university

Using the visual album as a catalyst, the syllabus explores the interplay of race and gender across American history.
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designers ru kwok and georgia fraser are best friends who will sacrifice anything to get it right

Grab your best friend, queue up some Grace Jones and fall in love with these members of Melbourne’s new designer wave.
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