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Get yourself a print from the likes of Nan Goldin, Tyler Mitchell, Catherine Opie and many more for $100. Until Friday!
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these 19 photographers are making fashion's gaze more representative

After Beyoncé helped Tyler Mitchell become the first black photographer to shoot a Vogue US cover in its 126-year history, we celebrate a new generation of POC and LGBTQI image-makers changing culture right now.
Steve Salter

see tyler mitchell's best stories for i-d

With the 23-year-old set to shoot Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue, a look at some of his work for i-D, from Telfar to the women changing the art world.
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beyoncé hires the first black photographer to shoot a us vogue cover in 126 years

After reportedly being given "unprecedented" control, Queen Bey enlisted 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell for the game-changing shoot.
Steve Salter

why we need to radically rethink the power structures of the art world

Kimberly Drew is an art world activist who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and uses social media to give visibility to artists under-represented by institutions.
Kimberly Drew

exclusive: opening ceremony updates the iconic reebok pump

Photographer Tyler Mitchell shoots the graphic kicks on his own friends.
Hannah Ongley

this gorgeous magazine will school you in the beauty of diversity

Ahead of the release of its sophomore edition, we open the pages of Niijournal.
Douglas Greenwood

young photographers explore the diversity of beauty today: part three

What does beauty mean to our favourite young photographers? As part of Beauty Week, we asked the new generation of image makers to explore diversity, body image, and the changing perceptions of beauty with their cameras. In Part Three, Zachary Chick...
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my year in photos... by tyler mitchell

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so they say, so we invited our favourite image-makers to submit the pictures that say 2016 to them. From pop stars to parties, amazing landscapes and beyond, this is NYU film student Tyler Mitchell’s ‘my year in...
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atlanta’s young dreamers sound off on their city’s renaissance

Follow Tyler Mitchell's lens to the Dirty South and meet the fresh new guard of artists, designers, and musicians putting Atlanta on the map.
Tyler Mitchell