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i-D founder terry jones and original mum tricia jones celebrate 20 years of colette

Celebrating the legendary Paris store, with its history of exhibitions, collaborations, music compilations with Michel Gaubert, and an innovative ‘water bar’ featured in i-D’s July 1997 Clean and Fresh issue.
Charlotte Gush

​i-D founder terry jones awarded mbe in 2017 new year’s honours

The iconic publisher, editor and art director has been recognised by the Queen for services to fashion and popular culture.
Charlotte Gush

terry and tricia reflect on the passing of bill cunningham

i-D’s founders Terry and Tricia Jones pay tribute to the legendary fashion and street style photographer Bill Cunningham.
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a message of love from tricia jones

"Love must always be stronger than hatred… freedom must always be stronger than fear and repression."
i-D Staff

a call for peace from tricia jones

In light of yesterday's tragedy at the offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, i-D Original Mum Tricia Jones shares a message of love.
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i-D's original mum tricia jones' guide to being yourself

"In the seven years that I worked with Tricia Jones, she was a long-term advocate of natural health and beauty. In an industry riddled with social and peer pressures to keep young and in shape with surgery or otherwise, Tricia's mindset not to succumb...
i-D Team
fashion interviews

caryn franklin discusses diversity, body ideals and beauty today

As All Walks Beyond the Catwalk hits its fifth birthday and celebrates its new status as a registered charity, we speak to its founder, Caryn Franklin about diversity, stereotypes and beauty ideals today.
Declan Higgins

david bowie is...

To celebrate the arrival of the new David Bowie documentary, David Bowie Is, based on the hugely successful V&A show last year, i-D digs deep into the archives for this epic interview between the Thin White Duke himself and i-D Original Mum, Tricia...
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tricia jones office mum, mentor and more

Terry and Tricia Jones met as students and became best friends for life. Here Tricia reveals how after 30 years in the fashion industry she's always kept her feet on the ground...
Adam Fletcher

what was your girlhood like?

To coincide with the release of The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14, we dedicated last week entirely to the boys, but this week is all girls, girls, girls! From the kids who grew up as tomboys to those who wanted to be glamour pusses, the golden girls...
Felicity Kinsella