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Think Pieces

what is it with everyone getting married so young?

For starters, it’s a good way of pissing off your mum and dad.
Annie Lord
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why can’t scarlett johansson stop being so problematic?

The actress is the latest in a long line of cis actors playing trans characters.
Georgie Wright
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this is how to not be a douchebag to women on the street

Just some things men can do to make women feel more comfortable in public spaces because it is our pavement too.
Annie Lord
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How to Stop Instagram from Ruining Your Holiday

The constant photo pressure, comparing yourself to others, FOMO even while you're supposed to having fun… here’s how to actually enjoy your hol.
Emily Goddard
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here’s why haul videos need to change

A closer look at the YouTube subculture and its impact on shopping habits.
Jake Hall
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when did we start referring to ourselves as queer?

The history of the word queer takes in everything from Oscar Wilde, to the Stonewall Riots, to reality TV.
Yusuf Tamanna
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are we pushing horror film actors too far?

Actors are putting their mental health at risk for movies that push the boundaries of fear.
Emily Kirkpatrick
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is pop music getting sadder?

A new study says that pop music is getting sadder. What's sparking this growing appetite for melancholia?
Alim Kheraj
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are trainers the new handbags?

Men, millennials and Balenciaga are changing the way we engage with luxury fashion.
Ryan White
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why pop-ups are a godsend for brands and buyers

The fashion world continues to push the creative limits of the temporary store and we're loving it.
Briony Wright
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some of the most powerful movements have been led by black women – patrisse khan-cullors

One of the three founding members of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, discusses how the movement began and where it needs to go next.
Tanya Compas
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we’re millennials 2.0 and we’re coming to get you — lauren stocks on generation change

Teenager Lauren Stocks blew our minds with her speech at the Labour party conference last year. Voice trembling with emotion, she spoke out for every “spaced-out, stressed-out, depressed kid in a battlefield where they can’t afford pens and paper".
Lauren Stocks