The Radical Issue

The Radical Issue

laurie anderson is the original radical american artist

She even made a concert for dogs.
Charlotte Gush
The Radical Issue

dutch model bente oort is the new face you need to know right now

Walking in some of autumn/winter 18's biggest shows, Bente Oort is one to watch. Here, she's shot by Ola Rindal for i-D's Radical Issue.
i-D Team

andre walker is fashion's most independent spirit

Andre Walker is fashion’s most independent spirit, determined to live life his way, at his own pace, for himself.
Steve Salter

yaeji is leading the way for a new wave of introspective melodic dance music

The 24-year-old Korean-American musician makes music that transcends language and explores identity.
Frankie Dunn

urara tsuchiya is the most surreal ceramicist you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing

Spanning a number of different disciplines -- ceramics, performance, video, costume -- Urara's work reifies the absurdities of human life and nature with a unique and droll charm.
Ryan White
The Radical Issue

no bra, no problems

The trailblazing queer performer had made a space for herself and others in the arts community.
Hanna Hanra

toyin ojih odutola's art is collected by solange and shown at the whitney

The New York-based Nigerian artist imagines a radically soft Afro-present.
André-Naquian Wheeler

you have to see the films of artist charlotte prodger

Her singular take on time, existence and queerness mark her as one of the most radical of her generation.
Charlie Porter
The Radical Issue

a celebration of all the personalities i-D loves in the art world today

The following artists are united by their fierce individuality, by the way they express themselves with bravery and conviction.
i-D Staff
The Radical Issue

watch nkisi live and you'll see the world differently

Nkisi is the south London-based DJ, producer and artist aiming to exchange knowledge and positive energy through her hard and irrepressible club music.
Frankie Dunn

daniela vega is the star of oscar-winning trans love story, a fantasic woman

You have to see Daniela Vega shattering Hollywood’s glass ceiling for trans actresses in the Oscar-nominated A Fantastic Woman.
Colin Crummy
The Radical Issue

artist jesse darling doesn’t like interviews

But their art speaks plenty.
Clementine de Pressigny