the new luxury issue


we only come out at night, the days are much too bright

As the sun sets and the world comes to life, we bring together five bright young stars against a backdrop of darkness. Follow Daniel Jackson's lens into the nighttime, for the greatest luxury in life is experience.
i-D Staff

sonoya mizuno danced her way onto our screens and into our hearts

Ever since she appeared in Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller, Ex-Machina, we've been under Sonoya's spell. Here, the ballerina-turned-actress talks Hollywood dreams, dance rehearsals, and literally suffering for one’s art.
Colin Crummy

stairway to heaven

Luxury is teaming your tailoring with your trainers and your hoodie with haute couture. Mix and match and make it your own. There are no rules.
i-D Staff

dressing well is a form of good manners

What is luxury to you? For Suvi Koponen it's "a beautiful bottle of red wine, shared over a home cooked meal, after a day spent in nature." As the Finnish beauty gets behind Christian MacDonald's lens, step inside her black and white world, and...
i-D Staff

why zoë bleu sidel has the world at her feet

With bewitching beauty and magical talent, artist and actress Zoë Bleu Sidel has us under her spell.
Tish Weinstock
mental health

when you suffer from anxiety, what is true luxury?

​Luxury: a concept as individual as ourselves. Amid the daily bombardment of the pressures of life, the biggest luxury can be losing yourself in the moment. Eleanor Morgan reflects on writing her first book about her experience of anxiety.
Eleanor Morgan

the only real luxury is time

Luxury isn't fast cars and big houses, luxury is the small things in life, not things you see but things you feel. As Karim Sadli and Alastair Mckimm shoot and style three of New York's bright young faces, redefine what luxury means to you.
i-D Staff

if you play with fire you get burned

According to Binx Walton, “Luxury is often just unnecessary shit society makes you feel you need...” Whatever luxury means to you, skip school, get rebellious and play with fire, as Terry Richardson shoots and Alastair McKimm styles fashion's favourite...
i-D Staff

rejjie snow: internationally known and locally respected

With his hotly anticipated debut Dear Annie set for release this year, we meet the man behind the music.
Lynette Nylander

the simply luxurious life

Did she land from outer-space or are we dreaming? Take a trip, as Theo Wenner shoots and Julia Sarr-Jamois styles Natalie Westling in the desert as dusk begins to fall. According to red-haired Arizona native, "Luxury is being able to wear the things...
i-D Staff

what is beyond price?

Luxury is time, luxury is authenticity, luxury is craftsmanship, luxury is attention to detail, luxury is switching your phone off, luxury is the open road, luxury is a clear mind, luxury is freedom, luxury is covetable, luxury is one of a kind, luxury...
i-D Staff

beyond instagram with amalia ulman

Amalia Ulman turned Instagram into a site of performance art, in a five month long performance she documented the life, love and nervous breakdown of a girl who’d just moved to LA, casually taking apart the image-obsessed world we live in. Now, the...
Felix Petty