the game-changing issue


why staying silent is fast becoming the secret to superstardom

The fact that we still don’t know a huge amount about some of the most famous people on the planet is thrilling. But is the perception more interesting than the reality?
Michael Cragg

the shoppable runway

Why see-now, buy-now is ushering in a new, brilliant era for fashion.
Jack Sunnucks

it must be love with the star of spring/summer 17 shows, marjan jonkman

Step inside a pastel-coloured dream, as Dutch beauty and star of last season's biggest shows, Marjan Jonkman, is shot by photographer Theo Sion and stylist Max Pearmain. Bonus points for those who spot the Charles and Diana keyring.
i-D Staff

the new york club kids keeping that fire burning

New York isn’t called the city that never sleeps for nothing. Meet the new gen kids, queers and queens keeping the dancefloor alive and the city kicking.
i-D Staff

the boy who fell to earth: asa butterfield is a child star turned superstar

Asa Butterfield reflects on a decade spent on the big screen as he moves out of his parents home, prepares to leave teenage life behind and takes a starring turn in two of this autumn’s biggest blockbusters.
Felix Petty

grime i rep to the t, 140 i kept to the beat

This Is Grime is the definitive tome on the most exciting musical subculture to emerge from London in the 21st century, Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose reflect on the book’s magical year in the making.
Lynette Nylander

joe alwyn was destined to be a star

Plucked from obscurity to play the lead in Ang Lee’s new blockbuster Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, meet the London lad about to hit the big time.
Paul Flynn

the collective leading moscow's creative rebirth

Russki Attrackion are a collective of Muscovite musicians, designers, and producers not just reinventing nightlife, but shifting the identity of Russian youth.
Anastasiia Fedorova

stranger things have happened: charlie heaton on finding fame

Following his breakout role in this year's biggest, strangest Netflix sensation, British actor Charlie Heaton discusses finding his inner self-belief.
Tish Weinstock

paint the town red with mica arganaraz and angelo pennetta

Smile, happy looks good on you. Follow Mica out on the town, as Julia Sarr-Jamois styles and Angelo Pennetta shoots the Argentinian beauty from bars to arcades, from dusk 'til dawn.
i-D Staff

fernanda ly stars in fran stringer's first collection for pringle

Following her debut show for Pringle of Scotland this season, Fran Stringer talks Northern values, an unconventional childhood, and breathing new life into one of the world’s oldest brands.
Anders Christian Madsen

dev hynes has everyone under his spell

With his third offering, Freetown Sound, Devonté Hynes made his most accomplished album yet. Imbued with his own personal narrative, it also effortlessly appeals to the hearts of his many faithful followers.
Lynette Nylander