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susie lau whatsapped @diet_prada and youtuber haute le mode to talk fashion industry failings

2017, the year fashion woke up. OG 1.0 blogger Susie Lau talks with new gen fashion commentators Diet Prada and Haute Le Mode, about maintaining their impartiality as they get big.
Susie Lau

chanel, miu miu, louis vuitton: fashion's power players close spring/summer 18

As each house jostled for supremacy, Chanel, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton brought fashion month to a grand close.
Susie Lau

how to write a fashion blog by... susie bubble

Want to get into fashion, but not sure which path to take? From designers and stylists, to writers and directors, we asked a few i-D friends and family how they made their fashion dreams a reality.
Susie Lau

fashion writers, bloggers and models pledge to try to say something nice

After all, who is innocent of never making a snarky comment about someone else's look?
Wendy Syfret

​the timeless style and spirit of grey gardens

As the Broadway play of the iconic Grey Gardens documentary comes to London, we salute the enduring fashion legacy and fighting spirit of Big Edie and Little Edie.
Susie Lau

the a-z of internet fashion

The internet has revolutionised the way we consume fashion and it can be a scarily huge place to find yourself but don't worry, we're here with the A-Z of everything you didn't know about the cyberspace of clothes.
i-D Team
Think Pieces

the blog-ification of magazines

Have old-school fashion magazines taken the lessons learned from bloggers and beaten them at their own game?
Courtney Iseman

Susie Bubble, world wide walk in

Through her blog Style Bubble, Susie Lau invites us to explore her virtual wardrobe every single day. Here, we climb over neatly piled mountains and enter her real life rainbow of a wardrobe.
Adam Fletcher

what was your girlhood like?

To coincide with the release of The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14, we dedicated last week entirely to the boys, but this week is all girls, girls, girls! From the kids who grew up as tomboys to those who wanted to be glamour pusses, the golden girls...
Felicity Kinsella