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see how nyc students dressed for their first day of art school

We photographed all the best looks at Parsons and The New School.
Nicole DeMarco

7 of chloë​ sevigny's most iconic outfits

From 'Kids' to Miu Miu, see memorable looks from 'the coolest girl in the world.'
Brittany Natale

this photographer documents the fashionable twins of nigeria

Stephen Tayo explores the duality of twinship through his raw images.
Sarah Moroz
straight ups

this is primavera sound 2019, straight up

We headed to Parc del Fòrum to meet the music fans turning the festival into an international dream land.
Raquel Zas

these portraits document what k-pop, k-beauty and k-fashion is right now

During Hera Seoul Fashion Week, London-based photographer Al de Perez documented a bold, new generation of artists, designers, musicians and models, reflecting Korea's latest youthquake.
Steve Salter

the real fuccbois of mongolia

Don’t mention Genghis Khan, young Mongolians want to be seen for who they are today.
Crystal Tai
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the next gen of australian fashion, straight up

Sydney photographer Daphne Nguyen shoots the cool kids of Australian Fashion Week.
i-D Team
global street style

china's youth breaking through the great firewall

In the latest instalment of Global Street Style, i-D gets to know Shanghai's bold new generation of artists, designers and musicians working their way around China's Great Firewall.
i-D Staff
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photographing the beautiful faces of tokyo

"Tokyo is the place where dreams come true." Dutch photographer Lotte van Raalte travelled to Japan, and captured a few of the capital's modelling stars.
i-D Staff
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the kids of mexico city, straight up

Amy Troost takes to the streets of Mexico City, to meet a generation of young Mexicans looking to change the world.
i-D Staff
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the next gen of la creatives

As an LA native, it figures that photographer Richard Ramirez Jr. knows how to take a good shot of his fellow valley dwellers. He sent us some sun drenched snaps of his angelic crew, and we grilled them about what else is good in LA besides the $1 tacos.
i-D Staff

what happened to streetwear in 2017?

From luxury collaborations to billionaire investors, here’s how a brand, journalist and designer think 2017 turned streetwear into fashion’s most lucrative subculture.
Douglas Greenwood