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what london students wore to their first day back at uni

These fashion and arts students are pushing the boundaries of good taste, one box of acid-green hair dye at a time.
Georgia Canning
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11 young italian designers to watch

Photographer Alessio Costantino captures a new generation of Italian designers coming through Venice's IUAV.
Mattia Ruffolo

from the designers to the stylists and pattern cutters, we meet the creative minds behind ashish

It takes a lot of love, graft and teamwork to put a fashion show together -- here's how Ashish do it.
i-D Staff
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the kids of castlemaine, straight up

Teenagers sound off on the pros and cons of growing up in the country.
Ally Cheble

how this underground club is shaping russian culture

“Russia is more than vodka, bears and Gosha Rubchinskiy.” We asked the founders, club kids and residents of Kisloty about its underground music scene and the creative future of St. Petersburg.
Juule Kay
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photographing the beautiful faces of wut? club's pride party

This is what went down at WUT? CLUB's big Pride special. 🌈
i-D Staff
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this is mighty hoopla, straight up

Photographer Amber Grace Dixon accosted the coolest kids with the coolest looks at London's biggest, gayest festival.
Bojana Kozarevic
love week

this is pretty romantic

How did you tell them you loved them? What's their weirdest habit? Do you agree on politics? We got one of our favourite new photographers, Ekua King, to shoot someone loved-up couples, and then grill them on the intricacies of their romance.
i-D Team
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the next gen of australian fashion, straight up

Sydney photographer Daphne Nguyen shoots the cool kids of Australian Fashion Week.
i-D Team
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young londoners on what makes them hopeful for the future

Photographer Ellius Grace takes to the streets of the capital.
i-D Staff

dancing for freedom in tbilisi

At the weekend, Georgian youth threw a protest rave outside Parliament after armed police stormed a Tbilisi nightclub. Following the protest, i-D talked to Tbilisi’s creative youth about what happened, and what's next.
Anastasiia Fedorova

9 dominican creatives on what identity means to them

They sound off on toxic masculinity in the community, Americanization, and celebrating their heritage.
Stephanie Smith-Strickland