South Africa

straight ups

this is cape town, straight up

We meet six creatives as they elaborate on what it's like growing up in South Africa.
Mattia Ruffolo

the a-z of south african music by faka

Stars of i-D’s new Mykki Blanco documentary, FAKA are musicians, performance artists, and activists who are helping to re-shape South African culture and identity. We got their unique insight into the essential elements of their nation’s music.
Francesca Dunn

out of this world: i-D meets mykki blanco

Hosted by musician Mykki Blanco, Out of This World meets a diverse group of performers and creators in Jo’burg -- exploring the queer scene they have carved out for themselves in South Africa’s biggest city.
Sophie Wilkinson

‘the wound’ is a queer coming-of-age film set in rural south africa

John Trengove's haunting narrative feature explores repressed sexuality within a secretive Xhosa rite of passage.
Hannah Ongley

little dragon explore queer south africa in their new video

Directed by Kristin Lee Moolman and styled by Ib Kamara, Strobe Light is a pastel-hued celebration of creating your own universe and expressing yourself to the full.
Frankie Dunn

the south african modelling agency responding to the real world with a non-binary board

'There's nothing groundbreaking about a campaign starring a female model who's a little androgynous, or an editorial with a straight guy wearing a skirt. Book a real genderqueer person. Use what's real.'
Isabelle Hellyer
South Africa

k-$: music to…paati to

When the DJ says “let’s patti” she’s not only talking about getting loose, but also referencing how her music intersects with her South African heritage.
i-D Staff

empowering young girls through skateboarding in south africa

Meet Kelly Murray, the South African skateboarder behind Skateistan, who’s building a community of female skaters and inspiring more girls to get on board.
Tish Weinstock
think piece

photographer andile buka on unlearning everything you’re taught as a man

The Johannesburg local on why male photographers need to listen to women.
Wendy Syfret

discover south africa’s disruptive, inspiring black punk scene

'We are using our talents to send new messages as to how we feel. Pay attention to what the young people are doing,' says one Soweto local in the short documentary Black Black Metal.
Hannah Ongley

zandile tisani’s johannesburg is an electric city and a haven for black artists

Across her short films and upcoming web series, Zandile is looking at evolving African identity, the echo of gentrification and how the rest of the world got South African street style all wrong.
Wendy Syfret

black south african schoolgirls are protesting their right to wear natural hair

Girls as young as 13 have been forced to straighten or cut their natural afros, sparking protests and a petition that has gathered nearly 20,000 signatures.
Hannah Ongley