my year in photos... by ian kenneth bird

As the end of year lists, think pieces and hot takes on all things 2017 roll in, we decided to ask our favourite image-makers to paint a picture of their year through photography. This is Ian Kenneth Bird's year in photos.
i-D Staff

rediscovered portraits of the 90s teen tribe that inspired 'kids'

In high school, best friends Mel Stones and High captured their circle of NYC skaters, ravers, and punks — the same crew Larry Clark based ‘Kids’ on. Nearly 25 years later, they’ve compiled the photographs in a decade-spanning new book, "That’s a Crazy...
Emily Manning

la's illegal civilization are inspired by new zealand's skate kids

When the brand teamed up with Kiwi photographer Imogen Wilson on a new photo series, they set out to celebrate the country’s skate kids and chillers.
i-D Staff

palace, reebok and jonah hill made the best/worst fashion film of all time

They're all here to celebrate “Powerful, Sexual Footwear.”
Wendy Syfret

skater boys of new zealand

Isolation, brutal weather and a lack of crowds have made New Zealand an unexpected skate utopia. In this intimate scene the chill lifestyle and laid back attitude leaves plenty of time to seek out new spots, work on new tricks and make new mates. We...
i-D Staff

building a skate park out of frozen sand on norway's hidden beaches

Is this the most unconventional skate project of all time?
i-D Staff

exclusive: palace's second drop for spring 16

Ahead of its April 9th release, peep the Angelo Pennetta lensed images for Palace’s second drop of the season featuring skater Blondey McCoy.
i-D Staff

an intimate portrait of lukas ionesco

He’s starred in a Larry Clark film, walked for Gosha Rubchinskiy, plays in one of Paris’ coolest bands and is the counter culture’s newest heartthrob. Photographer and close friend George Nebieridze shoots the actor, skater and musician in Berlin.
Anastasia Colosimo

gosha rubchinskiy's berlin diary

We talked to the Russian fashion-photography wunderkind before the opening of his new exhibition in Berlin at 032c, and he shared a new series of portraits with us, as we sat down for a wide-ranging discussion of fashion and youth today, and why his...
Tim Neugebauer